A Guide to Choosing a Fly Fishing Shirt

Choosing a Fishing Shirt

Fishing Shirts

A lightweight, comfortable, purpose designed fishing shirt is a must for the serious fisherman. The best are made from technical fabrics that are highly breathable and quick drying. An important feature for a shirt used in tropical conditions for flats fishing will also need to have a high sun protection factor. This is described on the garment as a UPF number and for this purpose should be at least 30. Some of the fabrics have a built in insect repellent – this is a great idea particularly as it is common in certain parts of the world to encounter insects that will bite through normal lightweight clothing.

Our preference is for a shirt with decent sized bellows pockets that will carry a fly box together with some spare tippet material and any other small accessories I need. I also like the back of the shirt to be vented – this will allow air circulation inside the shirt and help keep you cool. Fishing shirts are cut to allow freedom of movement and should not impede casting.

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