Sportfish Tackle Trade-In Program

Upgrade Your Tackle with Sportfish

Trade-In Your Quality Used Tackle for Brand New Tackle Today!

We all want to use the best kit and get the most from our fishing. However, each season technological improvements in rods, reels, and other equipment seem to get faster and faster. We recognise that sometimes it's difficult to justify "trading up", especially if you brought a new rod or reel just a few seasons ago and it's still in good condition and working fine. At Sportfish we want you to enjoy every minute you spend fishing. If you really want that new piece of kit then we are here to help you get it. Our approach is simple and straightforward:

  1. Come in and see us and bring the rod or reel that you would like to trade-in with you. If this is not practical contact our mail order centre - email our sales manager at with an image and details of your current rod or call Danny/Steve on 01544 327111 and they'll provide you with more information.
  2. We will consider a trade-in deal on any good quality rod or reel that is made by a premium brand eg. Hardy, Sage, Guideline, Orvis, Loomis, Loop, Abel, Waterworks Lamson, Nautilus, Tibor etc. It must be in good condition, and have a reasonable resale value. We can also sort out minor repairs if required.
  3. We've been running this trade-in programme for a long time so we've already worked out the best price we can offer for a wide variety of rods and reels. For items that are not already on our trade-in list we can usually work out a price quickly.
  4. You tell us what you what want to buy and we'll make sure that we can do a trade-in on that new product.
  5. Assuming we can agree a deal, you'll walk out of the store with your new kit, and we'll take your old rod or reel off your hands, and you will be the proud owner of the latest and best rod or reel available.
  6. We will then clean up and sell you old item in-store or online.

We won't always be able to help but we'll certainly try our best. Assuming we can help, you'll get great new kit at a reduced cost, you'll feel good about recycling, and somewhere a fellow angler will be very happy to take on your old tackle. Everybody wins.

It really is that simple, so talk to us now! Visit us in-store today, email our sales team with an image and details of your current rod or call Danny or Steve on 01544 327111 and they'll be able to help.