A Guide to Choosing Which Fly Fishing Net

Choosing a Fishing Net

Fishing Nets

Which net for trout?

There are several types of net in common use for landing trout. These include:-

  • Collapsible nets where the frame folds in on itself. These can be clipped to your back or waist to allow you to walk around without leaving the net on the ground. They can also be carried in a scabbard to stop brambles catching on the netting. The net will normally click into ‘action stations’ mode with a flick of the wrist.
  • Fixed frame and handle nets – these are most commonly used by boats fishers who leave the net ready to go in the bottom of the boat.
  • Scoop nets are popular with anglers that wade rivers and are normally attached to a retractor with a magnetic release that keeps the net in place high on the anglers back away from vegetation. These are usually not suited to large fish but fine for river trout and grayling. These are often built around a wooden frame and are both and practical.

You also need to think about how long the handle needs to be – if you fish from high banks a net with a long or telescopic handle is the answer.

Which net for salmon?

The choice for salmon is not so wide and anglers will generally go for a gye fishing net. This is a net with a fixed frame that slides on a handle shaft. Generally these have a sling that is fixed to the net allowing the net to be carried on your back. Please be careful if you are deep wading on a fast flowing river. A net fixed to your back could cause a fatal accident if it catches on a rock underwater or interferes with the deployment of a lifejacket.

The net needs to be big enough to accommodate your catch – my preference is for the Mclean Salmon Weigh nets that make it easy to weigh a fish with the minimum of handling prior to its return. They are also great for big pike.

Still need help?

For more help and information on purchasing your new fishing net please contact Sportfish on 01544 327111 or email danny.north@sportfish.co.uk

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