Spring Salmon Tackle

Tackle Up for Spring Salmon

For many of us it is the most exciting period in the salmon angling calendar as the rivers begin to open up again and we finally get the chance to dust off our tackle, pull the waders back on and get out there in search of one of the greatest prizes in fishing – a big springer!

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Tackle Up for Winter Grayling

Tackle Up for Winter Grayling

Fishing for the 'lady of the stream' is a delightful cold water diversion for fly anglers and with grayling willing to feed on even the harshest of winter days they are a perfect target species for the weeks ahead.

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Tackle Up for Winter Pike

Tackle Up for Winter Pike

These awesome, toothy predators grow to serious sizes but even small 'jacks' are serious adversaries on a fly rod – so get stuck in and have some fun with pike on the fly this winter!

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Game Fishing Centre

Game Fishing Centre

Introducing the Sportfish Game Fishing Centre - your hub for lessons, courses, events and some of the best small stillwater trout fishing in the country!

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About Sportfish

Sportfish has been the UK’s leading supplier of game and fly fishing tackle for 30+ years. During this time we've constantly scoured the world for the finest fishing tackle and equipment the sport has to offer and we’ve expanded our already extensive ranges to include kit for lure fishing and spinning as well.

We endeavour to be at the cutting edge of technical fishing tackle advances and much of our experts’ free time is spent on the water testing the latest rods, reels and lines... checking and testing the details, right down to individual leaders, lures, spinners and flies.

This is how we are able to constantly offer our customers the best advice. And our knowledge extends beyond our products – challenge us for advice on wherever you are fishing or whatever you are fishing for!

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