Exclusive Show Weekend Special Deals

Exclusive Show Weekend Special Deals

Saltwater Fishing

New Farlows Travel

As many will already be aware, Vladimir Rybalchenko, owner of the Kharlovka Company which administers the Atlantic Salmon Reserve (ASR) in Kola Russia, has acquired a majority shareholding in Farlows Group in London. Included in the acquisition is the familiar presence of Farlows of Pall Mall with its 173 years of heritage including its Royal Warrant, as well as the award-winning fishing tackle supplier Sportfish.

JT Saltwater Top Tips

For many anglers the end of the salmon and trout season heralds the beginning of the foreign saltwater season. Some have been eagerly awaiting the colder months in readiness to jump on a plane and head to warmer climates. The prospect of wading cobalt blue tropical waters stalking the ghosts of the flats is a mouth watering thought, one that is now kinder on the wallet than ever before!

Shark Fishing Wales

For most people blue water fishing for big game fish conjures up images of leaping marlin in an exotic tropical setting. They will be very surprised to hear a taste of this fishing is available right here in the UK and now is the peak time. Thirty miles off the West Welsh coast there is a very special area of the St George’s Channel known as the Celtic deeps – it’s slightly closer to Ireland than Wales.