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Top Tips for Summer 2014 Bass Fly Fishing!

Top Tips for Summer 2014 Bass Fly Fishing!

Top Tips for Summer 2014 Bass Fly Fishing!

Interest in fly fishing for bass has grown massively in recent years, so much so that it’s now a regular part of the fishing calendar for many fly fishers. As a sport, bass fly fishing has a lot going for it, if you can get to the coast it’s free, the tackle required is limited and bass are a hard fighting true game fish.

Top Bass Tackle Recommendations

Exactly what will be best for you will depend on where you will be fishing. My preference is for 9’ 8wt or 9wt fly rod for most applications but a lighter rods may be useful in some situations eg estuary fishing. The reel needs to hold the flyline plus 100m of backing and ideally have a sealed disc drag unit to prevent saltwater seeping into the drag mechanism. All tackle and equipment must be washed down with freshwater after use near to saltwater and allowed to dry thoroughly before storing. A choice of fly lines is useful so a floater, intermediate or sink-tip and a faster sinking line for deeper water will cover all eventualities. I generally use fluorocarbon leaders – they offer good abrasion resistance and are nearly invisible in the water. Use a tapered leader with a tippet of fluorocarbon for floating and intermediate lines and a short (1.5m) length of level tippet for the fast sinking line.

The choice of flies for bass will generally be a fry pattern that imitates a sandeel or baitfish of some description. It will help if you can match the size and basic colour of the natural food bass are feeding on – you are then matching the hatch!

Bass A beautiful bass!

Saltwater Fishing Clothing and Accessories

Again your chosen venue will dictate what is right. For shore fishing, waders are very useful. You may prefer walking boots for rock fishing or boat fishing. A good all round choice would be stockingfoot waders with separate boots – these will give the ankle support you need for rocky ground with a choice of sole for a variety of terrain.

Fishing sunglasses are very important both for eye protection and for looking into the water to spot fish. My preference would be for a copper or amber lens to give the best visibility in a variety of light levels.

A line tray is very useful to prevent stray coils of line catching rocks and getting washed around by waves – this will give you more fishable casts in your session and save you from a lot of frustrating tangles.

I also carry some basic safety equipment and this will include an automatic lifejacket, a torch, tidetables, a mobile phone and enough freshwater to drink. Ideally you should fish with a friend or at least tell someone where you are going and your expected time to return.

Summer Bass Fishing One of the best things about summer... bass fly fishing!

How to Catch Bass!

If bass are in a feeding mood they are actually quite easy to catch, knowing a little about their habits will help you achieve the vital ‘being in the right place at the right time’ piece of the jig-saw. You will find clues to all of this by speaking to fellow anglers and putting the time in. This will teach you where to concentrate your efforts at which part of the tide cycle. A good short cut to this is to employ the services of a professional fishing guide – you will learn a lot very quickly by doing this.


Fresh bass are delicious to eat as most foodies have now discovered. Bass do not freeze well and taste very disappointing after they have been in the deep freeze even for a short period of time. The message is only take a small number of fish that you can consume almost immediately. There is also a legal size limit under which juvenile fish must not be taken this is just 36cm. This is really not large enough and we recommend you impose a more realistic limit of 45cm, this will give more of the population of smaller bass a chance to reach spawning size at least. The Bass Anglers Sportfishing Society (B.A.S.S.) are lobbying to make 45cm the new size limit. This will give anglers a larger population of bigger bass to fish for in a very short time span.

7 years ago
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ken flude
7 years ago at 15:05
Is there a time when Bass should not be taken ie a closed season
7 years ago at 13:32
There is no closed season in the UK although there was in Ireland. The correct thing to do is to return most fish you catch only taking very occasional fish for the table. They are a precious resource that needs looking after.
Iain Mortimer
7 years ago at 16:19
Great to see a sensible size limit being suggested in this article although a little more emphasis on C&R would have been nice to see too. Overall though a good article that will hopefully encourage a few more to discover the adrenalin of bass on the fly...and mullet and even mackerel can be great fun!
Ian Calvert
7 years ago at 14:58
Not much useful info here how about type of places to fish , how to fish them , best state of tide , time of day . Agreed they are not the same every where but a few examples of things that seem to work eg early morning or late evening when you can fish the tide in , wade out and fish along the breakers etc
7 years ago at 12:07
Hi Ian, Thanks for your comment. It's a fair point - sadly there's not enough space here to explore the topic in-depth. The idea is to get people excited about giving it a go and doing the reasearch on their chosen venue before fishing. If you would like some more detailed explanation please call any of our stores for more advice. Also, we have guided fishing days which you may find useful too. Give us a shout if you would like to find out more. Thanks
Sheldon Amos
7 years ago at 14:08
Hi everyone, I would be very grateful for some guidance please. I have never fished in the UK before and I would like to get into Salt Water Spin Fishing (Spinning). Targeting fish such as Bass. Where are some good locations to try fishing. I am based in Chelmsford Essex however can travel. I really appreciate any advise you could give. Many thanks Sheldon
7 years ago at 12:19
Hi Sheldon! You can certainly catch bass around the Essex coast but I am not able to advise on specific areas to try because I am not local to that area - the best thing to do is to call up a local fishing club and ask their advice. Sorry we can't be more specific on your location - however if you want some UK-wide advice or any tackle advice then please drop us a message or call Allan on 0118 930 3860 Many thanks
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