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DYNAMITE BAITS (View All Dynamite Baits)Dynamite Logo

Great range of Dynamite Boilies, Groundbaits, Pellets and Liquid Additives for the coarse, carp and pike angler.

Best selling ranges from Dynamite Bait, Terry Hearns the source shelf life boilie range, Dynamites chocolate malt and tiger nut boilies, Dynamites banana nut crunch boilies, Red Fish carp bait range. Dynamite baits fresh prawn spicy shelfish range. Frank Warwicks spicy tuna and sweet chilli carp bait, Frenzied feeder carp bait particles and Dynamite baits fresh squid octopus and black pepper boilies.

DYNAMITE BOILIES (View All Dynamite Boilies)

Dynamite Boilies attracts the carp and keeps them feeding on the bait.  Dynamite Boilies come in a variety of different flavours, Peach & Mango, Spicy Tuna & Sweet Chilli, Fresh Fish Mussel & Oyster and many more.  All these boilies have a shelf life.

Range Of Dynamite Baits At Sportfish

Dynamite Marine Halibut Boilie Range - Packed full of Super G pre-digested fishmeal, fish oils and amino and fatty acids,packed full of the optimum form of quality protein that big carp need.  New Improved recipe now with added Green Lipped Mussel and Liver Powder.

Dynamite Monster Tiger Nut Boilies - Combining the natural sugars and attractants found in tiger nuts and enhanced with palatants. The Tiger Nut range is made with real tiger nut flour and tiger nut milk to increase the bait's effectiveness.

Dynamite The Source Boilie Range is made-up of a massive 50% high protein fishmeal and 50% birdfood, together with crushed egg shell – this is what gives The Source its unique texture, suited to a carp’s digestive system. Its distinctive red colour is down to liberal quantities of Robin Red being used. This is what also gives the bait its spicy flavour.

Dynamite Banana Nut Crunch Boilies are crammed with Tiger Nuts, Brazil Nuts and Walnuts and its these nuts that give it a rough texture which carp love.  Other ingredients include Tiger Nut flour which is used as the binding agent, together with peanut oil, natural sweeteners and a creamy banana nut flavour.  The boilie itself is the perfect alternative to more traditional fishmeal-based boilies and is equally as effective in the summer as it is in colder, winter months. It’s also easily digestible, holding fish in your swim for longer without risk of over-feeding them.

Dynamite Fresh Squid Octopus & Black Pepper Boilies is made using Liquidised Squid & Octopus, which replaces the egg that is normally used in boilies making the Fresh range far more effective and catches more fish than traditional boilies.  Liquidised Squid & Octopus and Squid Meal are mixed together to make a base mix which is totally irresistible to carp. Then Kelp and Sea Salt are added to give the carp the nutrition it craves and the roughage it requires to make this bait easily digestable. Added attractants including Ground Black Pepper and Black Pepper Essential Oil have also been used to stimulate the carp into feeding aggressively.  When this boilie enters the water, the Liquidised Squid & Octopus along with the Black Pepper Essential Oil immediately disperses giving out a series of attractors and natural oils, which bring the carp straight onto the bait.

Dynamite Chocolate Malt & Tiger Nut Boilies ia an irresistible combination of deliciously tasting, uniquely effective fish attractants.  Whether you're looking for a boilie for a cold water campaign, one the fish will come back for time and time again, or if you're looking for a warm winter bait to make you stand out from the crowd, then the birdfood based Chocolate Malt's a winner!"

Dynamite Peach & Mango Boilies are made up of a trio of irresistible flavours: mango, peach, maple cream.  By combining Rod Hutchinson’s original milk protein recipe, which has proved over the years to be his most successful boilie base mix, with one of Rod’s favourite fish catching flavours Peach Supreme you get a boilie which Dynamite predict will be their biggest-sellers.

Dynamite Spicy Tuna & Sweet Chilli Boilies - Frank Warwick has been using tinned tuna in all of his Method mixes for years, hence tuna meal was added as a main ingredient for this boilie. Chilli is also regarded as a great stimulant which keeps carp feeding for many hours. The chilli agitates a carp’s taste buds and triggers them into feeding.  With this in mind red chilli flakes were also added to the mix.  Also included is Green Lipped Mussel and Liver Power in optimum amounts to give the bait an added edge.

Dynamite Red Fish Boilies are an irresistible combination of deliciously tasting, uniquely effective fish attractants. Made with the finest fish meat extracts and oils, feed enhancers and palatants.  The Red Fish range contains only the best ingredients and is an easily digestible food bait the carp will keep on eating, making them always come back for more.  A unique, ultra effective bait.

Dynamite Pop-Ups (View All Dynamite Pop Ups) Range Of Dynamite Pop Ups At Sportfish

Ideal for use over baited areas or on their own to get your hook bait to stand out.  This gives perfect presentation resulting in more takes.

Flavours Available : Pineapple & Banana, Red Fish, Chocolate Malt & Tiger Nut, Banana Nut Crunch & more.


Dynamite Boosted Hookbait Dips (View All Hookbait Dips)

Designed to complement each of Dynamite's best-selling boilies.  Designed for boosting hook baits. 

Dip your hookbaits for 5-30 minutes (or longer for extra attraction). The PVA friendly Boosted Hookbait Dips will coat your chosen hookbait with added liquid attractants that will attract carp directly to your hookbait, resulting in more takes.  These are all 200ml bottles.
Flavours Available are : Banana Nut Crunch, Chocolate Malt & Tiger Nut, Peach & Mango & Spicy Tuna & Sweet Chilli

Dynamite Liquid Attractants (View All Liquid Attractants)

These are perfect for enhancing spod, stick and method mixes creating a cloud of flavours and attractants that draw and holds fish in your baited area.

How To Use : For maximum leakage and attractiveness, soak boilies, pop ups and stick mixes for as long as possible.

Flavours Available are : Banana Nut Crunch, Chocolate Malt & Tiger Nut, Peach & Mango & Spicy Tuna & Sweet Chilli

DYNAMITE PELLETS (View All Dynamite Pellets)Range Of Dynamite Pellets At Sportfish

Dynamite Marine Halibut Pellets attracts big carp more agressively than high oil pellets without competing with your hookbait.  The pellets break down slowly leaking a cloud of Marine Pellet attractantsinto your swim.  High powered pellet oil, super G pre-digested fishmeal, all esential amino and fatty acids.  Simply perfect for PVA bag work, Spodding or Catapulting.  Use in conjunction with the Dynamite Frenzied Feeder Range.

Dynamite Marine Halibut Hair Rig-able Hook Pellets are packed full of Super G pre-digested fishmeal, fish oils and amino and fatty acids, these pellets are designed to break down at a slow rate (approximately 24 hours) yet still be soft enough to take a needle or hook directly.  The Hair Rig-able Pellets are ideal when used straight from the pot or when boosted with Marine Halibut Liquid Attractant.

DYNAMITE PARTICLES RANGE (View All Dynamite Particles Range)

All these Dynamites particles are either cooked in the tin or in the jar to retain all the bait’s natural oils and nutrients, making them more effective than any other seed or nut baits available.

Dynamite Frenzied Feeder Chopped Tiger Nuts - Dynamites unique cooking process boots the natural sugars, which ooze out giving Frenzied Feeder Tigers enhanced attraction and holding power.  To balance food size and natural attractions Dynamite recommend using it with Frenzied Hempseed.

Dynamite Frenzied Feeder Tiger Nuts offer the classic carp attractor -  the fish find them irresistable.  Ideal for pre baiting or loose feeding.  To Range Of Dynamite Baits At Sportfishbalance the food size and natural attractants Dynamite recommend using with Frenzied Hempseed.

Dynamite Frenzied Feeder Hempseed is the perfect bait for Carp to feed on without becoming over full, the natural oily attractants offer an excellent appeal.  The unique cooking process retains all the oils and water soluble natural attractants found in hempseed.  Use in conjunction with Food Baits, Pellets, Particles or Boilies to concentrate feeding Carp onto your chosen hook bait.  This product is a natural complement to Frenzied Feeder Particles, Peanuts, Tiger Nuts, Maize and Lupins. 

Dynamite Frenzied Feeder Spicy Chilli Hempseed pulls fish into your swim and stimulates them to feed aggressively by leaking large amounts of  Dynamites unique blend of Spicy Chilli. 

Dynamite Frenzied Feeder Mixed Particles are uniquely prepared particles coated in potent oily attractants.  The variety of ingredients with Frenzied Mixed Particles keep Carp occupied, feeding confidently whilst searching for your chosen hook bait.  Use in conjunction Frenzied feeder Particles, Peanuts, Tiger Nuts, Maize and Lupins to concentrate feeding Carp onto your chosen hook bait.

Dynamite XL Plain Sweetcorn is the best quality sweetcorn designed and specially selected for fishing. Dynamite XL Sweetcorn attracts and holds fish in your swim and is supplied in a convenient ring pull can.  Has been created using the proven and effective ingredients used in developing all dynamite products. These tried and tested range of pellets, particles, groundbaits and crumb are guranteed to help you enjoy a great days fishing.

DYNAMITE GROUNDBAIT (View All Dynamite Groundbait)

Dynamite Marine Halibut Groundbait attracts big carp more aggressively than high oil pellets without competing with your hookbait. Breaksdown slowly leaking a cloud of marine attractants into your swim. High powered pellet oil, Super G pre digested fishmeal, all essential amino and fatty acids.

Dynamite Tiger Nut Stick Mix is made with real Tigernuts, Tigernut flour and enhanced with added attractants to increase the bait’s effectiveness.  Dynamite Stick Mixes are totally PVA friendly and can be used straight from the bag or boosted with Monster Tigernut Liquid Attractant. These Mixes offer a high quality feed attractant right next to your hook bait, creating pinpoint accuracy for feeding carp and increased takes.


Dynamite Luncheon Meat has been specially selected for fishing. It has a low fat content makes it fishery friendly and helps it to sink straight from the tin. With added natural attractants that prove irresistible to carp, barbel and chub. Ideal for cubing with a meat cutter. 340g tin.

Dynamite Mixing Bucket a super-stylish red Dynamite bucket that features a carry handle for easy transportation.

Range Of Dynamite Baits At Sportfish