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You could argue that Thames Water’s Farmoor reservoir complex is not the most attractive fishery in southern England.   There are two reservoirs to choose from Farmoor 1 and Farmoor 2 .  Farmoor 1 is a catch and release fishery – a huge bag of fish is often possible on this fishery and the average size is good. I have never fished 1 from a boat and generally fish from the bank at medium range with buzzers. I decided to fish Farmoor 2 from a boat on this occasion – the weather forecast was for light winds and mild temperatures. I also needed a few fish for the table.  Hopefully, the fish would be up in the water and there would be a chance of some action on dries and buzzers. Both 1 and 2 are concrete bowls and although this sounds grim the reality is that the concrete surround has weathered into the landscape and the Farmoors are a good place to be in the right conditions. I have never been disappointed with the quality of the fishing.

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Steve Hunt spends a day trout fishing with a Hardy Zenith Sintrix 9′ #5 matched with Waterworks ULA Force 2X SL fly reel.

If Carlsberg made fly rods and reels they would have just copied the HARDY SINTRIX  ZENITH FLY ROD AND THE LAMSON ULA FORCE SL REEL.

Probably the finest combination money can buy, a true marriage made in heaven.

All these superlatives describe the rod and reel combination I used recently at our local trout fishery Delbury Hall in Shropshire.

Right from the start whilst tackling up, the rod felt very well balanced a well shaped cork handle that felt snug in the hand this was complimented with a very impressively designed two part skeletal reel seat ,this gave the rod a very modern look, and certainly stands out from the crowd.

The unbelievably thin diameter light sage coloured green blank is trimmed with dark green whippings and is furnished with top of the line single leg titanium guides from REC and Fuji

The rod exudes quality!

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Nautilus FWX Fly Reels
Following on from the highly successful FW range of light line reels are the new Nautilus FWX range. The “Fresh Water Extreme” reel is based on Nautilus’s NV Giga Arbour design; the FWX has the same super large arbour spool configuration offering an extra fast retrieval rate.

With such a large arbour design your fly line will be kept in more open coils and will minimise the amount of memory passed on to your fly line. A heavily machined reel has reduced weight but without compromising strength making the Nautilus FWX one of the lightest reels in its class. The spool design allows the backing to appear floating on top of the reel allowing for your backing to dry much quicker than conventional reels. The new high tech drag system incorporates a new stainless steel 1-way clutch that is housed in a proprietary TORQ-X™ clutch drive that ensures instant drag engagement with no slack. As standard the reel comes in black or brushed silver but there are quite literally hundreds of custom options to make your reel stand out from the crowd. A superb fresh water and light saltwater reel at a fantastic price.

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Nautilus FWX Fly Reels






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Lamson Velocity Fly Reels
The fantastic Lamson range of reels have always offered value for money and cutting edge technology, plus stunning good looks.

Lamson Velocity Reels

The Lamson Velocity is a mid price range reel, that is fully machined and fitted with Lamson’s outstanding fully sealed drag system.

Lamson were one of the first companies to redesign fly reel drag systems and move away from the heavy old style disk drag system seen on a lot of top range reels. The Lamson design team set out to simplify reel design, reduce weight, increase reel capacity and to build the worlds best drag system. The Lamson Velocity scores highly in all these areas.

The current trend is towards lighter fly rods and the Lamson Velocity comes in a range of sizes for the Trout, Salmon and Salt water fisherman and is weighted to balance modern light weight fly rods. I have had a Lamson Velocity for over 10 years and it is still my favourite reels.

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Lamson Velocity Reels

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The Lamson Guru reel is Lamson’s cheapest fully machined reel and therefore a great buy for those of us who want quality but are keen on value for money.

Lamson Guru Fly Reels

The Lamson Guru has a sealed drag system so therefore you can put the Guru through it’s paces in fresh water and salt.  But, like any reel its always wash mine off in freshwater after going to the seaside. The range offers 5 sizes from WF3-5 right through to WF11.

The Lamson Guru offers the same design and component features as the more expensive Lamson reels, so this really is a fantastic buy. The Lamson Guru is my choice for teaching purposes as it is light and features a simple uncomplicated drag system that you can rely on.

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