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Rio Trout LT Fly Lines
The Rio Light Touch (LT) line was introduced in the uk last year and has become a firm favourite for fishermen wanting delicate presentation of dry flies, small nymphs and wet flies.

Rio Trout LT Fly Lines

The Rio Light Touch (LT) lines attributes are a long front taper for the gentlest of presentation and an extended body.

The Rio Light Touch (LT)line floats high and lifts incredibly quietly off the water. The extended body allows for easy roll casting, mending and single handed spay casting, which is ideal when you need to get your fly in those tricky spots.

Like a lot of new lines the weight forward version comes with a duel colour to visually assist with the correct loading of the rod and it also has Rio’s Agent X built into the coating to give improved buoyancy and smooth casting.

The Rio Light Touch (LT) line is also available in a single colour double tapered version.

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Speyworks Switch Tip Line
The Speyworks Switch Tip line is ideal if you only want to carry one fly line when salmon fishing. The switch–tip system allows you to change the tips to suit almost all fishing conditions. The switch tip system includes four easily changed looped tips in different densities. The set includes floating, intermediate, medium sink and fast sink. All are neatly stored in a handy switch tip wallet.

The Speyworks switch tip was designed by Bill Drury – well known Spey ghillie and champion speycaster. It is ideal for all modern speycasting and overhead casting. Matched with a Speyworks Salmon rod the set up is perfectly balanced.
I find the Speyworks switch tip line relieves me of having to carry extra lines and spools when travelling. Overall, a line I would not be without.

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Guideline Triple Density Shooting Heads
I’ve used Guideline Shooting Heads for a number of years now and these new triple density heads cast further, land softer and fish better than any other shooting head I have used.

The unique triple density sink rates mean the tip sinks lower in the water than the back of the head and so it cuts the water column from top to bottom allowing a longer swing in to the bank as some of the head is always in the current.

This allows the Guideline triple density shooting heads to swing the fly more aggressively and for longer than any other shooting head design.

In short the Guideline Triple Density Shooting Heads are a must have for any salmon fisher and I wouldn’t leave home without them!!

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