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The most effective salmon spinner used on Ireland's famous River Moy. Made of the finest high quality components, especially where it matters at the hook end, where only an Owner® hook will do.
Sizes Available : 11g, 16g & 22g 

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At long last the 'Rolla® Silver Bullet' is now available in the UK. Salmon anglers in Ireland and northern France have been using these wonders for years, especially on Ireland's famous river Moy, where these lures have a cult following. The lures are made of the finest high quality components, especially where it matters at the hook end, where only an Owner® hook will do.

The 16g Rolla Bullet fishes like a 20g lure due to the elongated blade and the 22g Rolla Bullet like a 26g lure both cast very well and fly through the air with ease even on windy days. When your river is in flood and the water is coloured use the copper bladed lure if the river is running clear use the silver bladed lure if the river is returning to lower levels and is a tea colour use the gold bladed lure to catch those elusive Salmon and Seatrout.

  • Full range of sizes to suit all water heights and fish species
  • Availabe in a range of coloured blade including Gold, Silver and Copper
  • Lures use super strong and sharp Ownerᆴ treble hooks
  • The Weighted Silver bodies are not hidden but form a vital part of the overall design
  • Lures come individually packaged on presentation card with hook protection
  • Sizes Available : 11g, 16g & 22g
  • Colours Available : Black/Silver, Black/Copper, Black/Gold, Pink/Silver, Pink/Copper, White/Silver
Size/Variant Colour Weight g/oz/lbs Price
11g Black / Silver 11g 5.99
11g Black / Gold 11g 5.99
11g Black / Copper 11g 5.99
16g Black / Silver 16g 5.99
16g Black / Gold 16g 5.99
16g Black / Copper 16g 5.99
22g Black / Silver 22g 5.99
22g Black / Gold 22g 5.99
22g Black / Copper 22g 5.99
16g Pink / Copper 16g 5.99
22g Pink / Copper 22g 5.99
16g Pink / Silver 16g 5.99
22g Pink / Silver 22g 5.99
16g White / Silver 16g 5.99
22g White / Silver 22g 5.99
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  • Highly Effective Spinners Review by Kenf
    For the past few years since 'discovering them' these are my 'go to' spinners / lures which have been highly successful for me in catching spring and autumn salmon together with a few seatrout. I always use the silver bladed / black rubber ones in all sizes (8g, 11g, 16g and 22g), using the size appropriate to the river and prevailing conditions. Previously to using these I had limited success with Flying Cs and the standard range of Mepps.

    As a testament to the difference these spinners make I have been fishing on a number of occasions with a group and with other fishers that are using 'run of the mill' flying Cs and other lures, and I've managed to out catch them on nearly all occasions.

    The body mass and particularly the longer blade on the Rollas provides the opportunity to fish it relatively deep and slow, just like the traditional way of presenting a devon minnow. For me this provides a fatal attraction to the fish and many of my fish have been caught by this means. Having said that I have caught fish spinning with the Rollas downstream and across the current at a medium pace.

    The Owner hooks are excellent and don't distort under pressure (I've caught several double figure fish up to 18lbs so far!). Even managing to free them from snags I have not managed to bend the hooks out of shape as yet.

    I eluded in the 'Cons' to being a tad expensive - certainly in comparison to bog-standard Flying Cs. I think the Rollas could sell a little cheaper especially when two or three can easily be lost in a session! But then again they are half the price of Rapalas and I've lost quite a few of those in my fishing career.

    I thoroughly prescribe the use of these Rolla Silver Bullets. For my sins I have been persuaded to acquire a few Rolla Flying Devons (even more expensive!) to try in the coming months of the season - hopefully tight lines with these! (Posted on 13/05/2013)
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