Essential Skills DVD 3 with Oliver Edwards Dry Fly Fishing on Chalk Stream / Mayfly Time on a Chalk Stream

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Learn all about dry fly fishing and mayflies and become a better Chalk Stream fishierman. In this easy-to-follow DVD, Oliver demonstrates entomology, tying and fishing imitative patterns.

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Fishing Dry Fly on a Chalk Stream - His mainstay dun imitating dry flies are the Paradun and his Footprint Dun. They are both prototypical patterns, readily matching any of the Olives or Spurwings, right down to size 22. The Paradun is very easy to tie and floats like a cork, furthermore it lands correctly on every cast. The Footprint Dun is for those occasions when you encounter really picky, difficult fish. It takes a little more tying skill, but this is a pattern that can often save the day.

Mayfly Time on a Chalk Stream - Our largest Upwings in the UK are represented by only three species - Ephemera danica, Ephemera vulgata and Ephemera lineata. The distribution of Ephemera vulgata can be very localised and Ephemera lineata is quite rare in the UK.

The Greendrake or Ephemera danica is by far our most common species. It is the fly that hatches in hundreds of thousands, millions even, from the Chalk Streams of Southern England every year from late May to early June, in what is known as 'The Duffers Fortnight'.

However, on many rivers, there are times when the hatch just trickles off, and then trout can be almost as cautious as when taking small Olives. This is when Essential Skills come into play. Your artificial will have to be a good imitative pattern, and it will have to be presented accurately and delicately if you wish to be consistently successful.

Running Time : 120 Mins

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