Essential Skills DVD 1 with Oliver Edwards - Czech Nymphing / Upstream Nymphing and North Country Spiders

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Learn all the secrets of 'Czech Nymphing'. Details the methods of upstream nymphing as well as how to fish North Country Spiders.

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Czech Nymphing : 80% of what trout and grayling eat is subsurface and the majority of that is taken directly off the riverbed or very near to it. So, if you want to improve your catch rate, you are better off fishing subsurface and close to the riverbed. This principle is at the heart of Czech Nymphing. This DVD covers entomology, tying and fishing.

Upstream Nymphing - Classic upstream nymphing was once the preserve of southern chalk streams, however it is also very effective on fast flowing freestone rivers. It is often quite strenuous fishing fast riffle but more often than not, your hard work is rewarded both in terms of numbers and size of fish.

North Country Spiders - Most fishermen prefer wet fly fishing 'across and down', probably because it is an easy relaxing way to fish, but it is not the best way in Oliver Edwards experience. He prefers to cast virtually square across the current using an upstream reach cast, holding the rod high he tracks it across his body allowing the spiders to drift with control not just swinging round in the current. This way you avoid those plucks and pulls and connect with many more fish.

Running Time : 177 Mins

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