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How To Clean, Treat and Protect Outdoor Clothing or Footwear

How To Clean, Treat and Protect Outdoor Clothing or Footwear
Posted in: Tackle Care

Taking care of your clothing, in particular outdoor clothing is vital to prolong its life. At Sportfish we have some of the best garment protection gear on the market. Read on to find out more.

Caring for Clothing and Footwear

Nikwax Cleaning & Reproofing System

The well-known British brand, Nikwax was founded by Nick Brown. Nikwax cleans, re-proofs and maintains the breathability of all outdoor clothing & footwear.

Nikwax 2-Stage Treatment

The Nikwax two-stage treatment is the cleaning and re-proofing sequence that restores the original performance of manufacturer’s clothing, footwear or equipment. Whether it's clothing, footwear or equipment, the first stage of the Nikwax process must always be to clean as this removes contaminants, dirt and everyday grime that masks the water-repellent coatings on waterproof items.

Stage 1

All water repellent finishes work at their best if the garments are kept clean. Nikwax wash-in cleaners for clothing and equipment will safely remove any detergent residues ingrained in the fabric that would encourage wetting-out, ie. where water isn’t repelled from the fabric but absorbed into the fibres.  Regular cleaning prevents damage.

Stage 2

Whether it's fly fishing clothing, footwear or equipment, the second stage of the process must always be to waterproof. Using any one of our waterproofing products will ensure a durable, long-lasting effect against rain, keeping you, your feet or your equipment dry in wet weather. Using Nikwax will maintain the breathable performance of gear, preventing moisture build-up on the inside of gear allowing it to be pushed from the inside out, keeping your body at the right temperature. At the same time Nikwax repels rain from the outer surface, keeping you dry from both directions.

Cleaning Your Clothes Using Nikwax Tech Wash

Nikwax Tech Wash safely revitalises breathability and maintains water-repellency with this non-detergent soap which can be used regularly to clean clothing and equipment without damaging the Durable Water Repellent (DWR) coatings. Use this product instead of detergents or washing powder.

Benefits of using Tech Wash:

  • Prolongs the life of gear and optimises outdoor performance
  • Maintains breathability and original water-repellency
  • Easy to apply - can be used in a washing machine
  • Suitable for use on all fabrics, including technical textiles
  • Lifts out dirt that can attract water and mask water repellent finishes
  • Unlike detergents, it does not leave behind water attractive residues which encourage ‘wetting-out’
  • Removes detergent residues left behind by previous washes
  • Water based - environmentally friendly, biodegradable, non-flammable, non-hazardous
  • Does not contain fluorocarbons

Reproofing Your Waterproof Clothing with Nikwax TX-Direct Wash-In

The world’s number 1 high performance wash-in waterproofing for breathable waterproof clothing that is easy, safe and quick to use in a washing machine. Fluorocarbon-free, solvent-free and no tumble drying required. 

For best results remove all non-washable parts and always clean item(s) first with Nikwax® Tech Wash® in a separate wash cycle. No need to dry item(s) before waterproofing.

Benefits of using Nikwax TX Direct Wash In:

  • Keeps the wearer dry and comfortable
  • Adds and/or renews high performance water repellency
  • Revives breathability – vital for comfort
  • Prolongs the life and performance of gear
  • Easy to use and apply at home

Reproofing Your Waterproof Clothing Using Nikwax TX Direct Spray On

A spray-on waterproofing for wet weather clothing. Adds water-repellency and revives breathability.  Always apply this product to used clothing to keep items in perfect water-repellent condition. To maintain the performance of waterproofed gear, regularly clean with Nikwax Tech Wash to remove everyday dirt and contaminants.

Benefits for using TX Direct Spray On:

  • Spray on – no washing required
  • Adds durable water repellency
  • Revives breathability
  • Maintains internal wicking properties
Grangers Clothing Care TreatmentsGrangers Clothing Care Treatments

Grangers Cleaning & Waterproofing System

A British brand dedicated to protecting you against the elements, Grangers developed the first water-based waterproofing solution for the outdoors market. They helped protect the equipment used during the first Mount Everest summit in 1953, and work very closely with outdoorspeople to ensure their product range is the best it can be. Grangers are passionate about looking after the environment so we can all continue to enjoy it in the future and many of their products are PFC-free and water based.

Repel water with Grangers Performance Repel Plus Spray

Protect your gear against the elements by restoring the water-repellent finish found in technical gear.

Benefits for using Performance Repel Plus Spray:

  • Superior repellency
  • Maximises breathability
  • Restores to like-new performance
  • 100% PCR and Ocean Waste Plastic (OWP) bottle
  • Bluesign®* approved
  • PFC-free
  • Effective without heat activation
  • Neutral smell
  • Always wash garment first as Grangers recommend applying waterproofing treatment to clean damp clothing.
  • In a 100% recycled spray bottle

Wash and Repel water with Grangers 2IN1

Clean and protect your gear in the ultimate 2IN1 wash! Powerful cleaning, durable repellency, save time and conserve both water and energy.

Benefits for using Grangers 2IN1:

  • Durable repellency
  • Powerful cleaning
  • Maximises breathability 2-in-1 formulation
  • Conserves energy and water
  • Saves time
  • 100% PCR and Ocean Waste Plastic (OWP) bottle
  • Bluesign®* approved
  • PFC-free
  • In a 100% recycled bottle or 1L pouch
  • Washing and repellency combined in a single treatment via your washing machine or when hand washing.

We also offer the ultimate Grangers Clothing Care Kit and Grangers Down Care Kits for all your clothing and down needs.

* Grangers are the first brand in the world to achieve bluesign® status in 2007. The accreditation certifies the eco-friendliness of the entire production chain. Instead of focusing on finished product testing, the bluesign® standard analyses all input streams – from raw materials to chemical components. Assessment begins prior to production even begins, meaning you can be rest assured that Granger products are cleaner, safer and more environmentally responsible. The bluesign® approved shiny blue tag is featured on Granger bottles.


Revivex Water Repellant

Revivex DWR Pump Spray offers another solution to protect and care for your breathable laminates and synthetic fabrics. Recommended for all GORE-TEX® and WINDSTOPPER® garments.

  • Durable – spray-on treatment restores DWR, resists abrasion and repels water, oil and stains
  • Maximizes Breathability – creates water resistant layer and allows waterproof-breathable garments to perform at its best
  • Washable – ideal for outerwear and ski gear, this DWR coating will remain after a wash and can be air dried or heat set
  • Compatible – designed for use on technical fabrics including eVent, NeoShell and GORE-TEX materials; formula is PFOA and PFOS free
  • Multipurpose – restore water repellency to DWR treated rainwear, jackets, ski pants, gloves, boots, waders, and nylon tent flies 10.5 oz. treats 2-4 garments on average
  • Ideal for use on all fabrics (we recommend spot testing full-grain leather) including GORE-TEX fabrics and waterproof breathable membranes
  • Repels water, oil and stains
  • PFOA & PFOS free
  • Air-powered sprayer is solvent free

Clothing Care Treatments

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