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Video Guide to Fishing a Chalkstream at Mayfly Time

Video Guide to Fishing a Chalkstream at Mayfly Time

Video Guide to Fishing a Chalkstream at Mayfly Time

‘Duffers’ Fortnight’ is almost upon us - that magical period when the mayfly hatch reaches its crescendo and, supposedly, anyone can catch!

The truth of the matter is not quite what folklore would have us believe. Mayfly hatches have tended to be somewhat unpredictable – both in number and timing – in recent years and if you want to make the most of what is still a marvellous time to be on the rivers you need to be on top of your game.

Thankfully Jonathan Tomlinson and Chris Hayward are always on top of their game and offer some brilliant tactical advice on making the most of the mayfly hatch in a new Sportfish video.

Jonathan Tomlinson takes a closer look at some of his essential mayfly tackle.

Following on from this film that Chris and I made on the Lower Itchen Fishery, looking at our tactical approach to mayfly fishing, I’ve been asked to elaborate a little on the three key items of tackle that I employ at this time of year, namely my choice of rod, reel and line.

JT JT releasing a brownie

Mayfly time is one of the very few times of the year when I ever reach for a heavier line than usual and many anglers struggle to turn over those very large patterns that have the aerodynamics of a house brick!

With this in mind a #5 rod is the order of the day and I prefer to have a 9 footer, and my favourite rod on the market is the Sage One. This rod is beautifully crisp, has lots of feel and feedback through the blank and is powerful - but able to deliver effortless delicacy and accuracy.

Team this up with the new Rio InTouch Gold line and you have a match made in heaven. This three-tone line allows me to manage my distance very easily and has a fast-loading WF taper that can turn over even the most awkward of flies without compromising presentation.

This line is loaded on the the new large arbor 'X' frame reels from the guys at Nautilus. Light in weight, with a great silky-smooth drag system and, as always with Nautilus, it looks awesome!

Together with our video you should now be prepared for one of the most exciting times of year to be out on the river!

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2016 Mayfly Kit We hope that the video helps you enjoy the hatch! If you've any questions, you can contact JT or Chris at our Reading store on 0118 930 3860.

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