New Spring Catalogue

New Spring Catalogue

Veniards UTC Threads

Product Code: 90322

Product Description

Extra strong, lightly waxed nylon thread. A silky smooth thread that lays very flat.
Sizes Available : 70 Denier & 140 Denier

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Strong and durable thread designed and manufactured in the USA and the characteristics of this thread were carefully chosen during development to enhance it's fly tying performance. This thread is made from lightly waxed nylon and is extra strong for creating durable flies.  The coating on the thread is lightly waxed for a smooth and slick feel and the thread itself is not bonded. It is a multifilament thread which is an ideal choice if you need to use split thread fly tying techniques.

The 70 Denier thread is the thinner of the two versions and is perfect for smaller flies and when more delicate work is required. 
The 140 Denier thread is thicker than the 70 and is also much stronger. This thread is best used for fly tying larger sized flies and makes breaks less likely.

  • Approx 100 yards in length
  • Lightly waxed nylon
  • Durable, strong and smooth
  • Multifilament thread for split thread techniques 
  • Flat design for wrapping around smaller flies
  • 70 Denier (approx 8/0) Colours : White, Black, Red, Yellow, Dark Brown & Olive
  • 140 Denier (approx 6/0) Colours : Black, Red, Yellow, Dark Brown, Olive, Fl Fire Orange, Fl Chartreuse, Fl Green & Fl Pink
Size/Variant Colour Length Price
70 Denier Black 100yds 2.59
70 Denier Red 100yds 2.59
140 Denier Black 100yds 2.59
140 Denier Red 100yds 2.59
70 Denier Yellow 100yds 2.59
70 Denier Olive 100yds 2.59
140 Denier Yellow 100yds 2.59
140 Denier Dark Brown 100yds 2.59
70 Denier Dark Brown 100yds 2.59
140 Denier Fluorescent Green 100yds 2.59
140 Denier Olive 100yds 2.59
140 Denier Fluorescent Orange 100yds 2.59
140 Denier White 100yds 2.59
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