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A series of fly selections presented in mellow split cane fly boxes.
Each one offers a balanced choice of essential flies to match seasonal hatches and regional requirements.

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A selection of handsome bamboo pocket sized fly boxes crafted from mellowed split cane. The fly box has slotted foam inserts which will securely hold trout and salmon flies. Brass hinged with magnetic closure this beautiful box is lightweight and floats - almost too nice to take fishing.

Dry Flies Selection - 32 Flies

  • Top Row : Grey Duster #14, March Brown #12, Iron Blue Dun #16, Red Tag #18 (2 each)
  • 2nd Row : Black Gnat #16, Blue Winged Olive #16, Greenwells Glory #14, Hawthorne #14 (2 each)
  • 3rd Row : Grey Wulff #12, White Wulff # 12, Black Sedge #14, Brown Sedge #12 (2 each)
  • Bottom Row : CDC Blue Dun #16, CDC Dark Dun #16, Adams Parachute #14, Black Gnat Parachute #16 (2 each)

Spring Hatch Match Selection - 32 Flies 

  • Top Row : Richard Walker Mayfly Nymph, French Partridge, White Drake, Spent Gnat (2 each)
  • 2nd Row : Iron Blue Nymph, Iron Blue Wet Fly, Iron Blue Dun, Iron Blue Spinner (2 each)
  • 3rd Row : Hare's Ear Bead Head, Simulator, Dark Olive Dun, Dark Olive Imago (2 each)
  • Bottom Row : March Brown Nymph, Shuttlecock Hare's Ear, March Brown Dun, CDC Imago (2 each)

Stillwater Essentials Selection - 32 Flies 

  • Top Row : Fritz Bead Heads & Lures : A combination of some traditional lures and some modern patterns using bright, flashy, artificial materials.  Each pattern is tried and tested on all types of stillwater.  
    Cat's Whisker Fritz, Orange Nobbler, Viva, Minky (2 each) 
  • 2nd Row : Boobies & Blobs : Both have become an important weapon for all stillwater anglers.  They are fished on sinking lines, but where the booby is often left static, the blob is pulled very quickly. 
    Orange Blob, Chartreuse Blob, Orange Booby, Olive Booby (2 each)
  • 3rd Row : Nymphs & Bead Heads : These patterns are proven fish takers on all stillwaters.  They are normally fished on floating or intermediate lines, with a variety of retrieves including the figure of eight. 
    Corixa Nymph, Olive Damsel Bead Head, Gold Ribed Hare's Ear, Monttana Weighted Nymph (2 each)
  • Bottom Row : Chronomids - Buzzers/Bloodworms : The larvae of chironomid midges make up a large part of a stillwater trout's diet.  They range in colour and this selection is tied using all the latest materials.  All buzzers are best as part of a team of flies and should be fished slowly on a long leader. 
    Black Epoxy Buzzer, Holographic Buzzer, Flexifloss Bloodworm, Olive Epoxy Buzzer (2 each)

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Model Capacity No. of Compartments Price
Dry Flies 32 Flies 2 49.99
Spring Hatch Match 32 Flies 2 49.99
Stillwater Essentials 32 Flies 2 49.99
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