15% Off when you spend £250 or more - use code WRD19

15% Off when you spend £250 or more - use code WRD19

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Steve is the Assistant Sales Manager at Sportfish Winforton where he has worked for a number of years. Prior to that he served his country in the Armed Forces.

He would describe himself as an all-round angler, but he is happiest with a fly rod in my hand. He has been lucky to fish a number of destinations over the years; Cuba, Belize, Australia and Norway to name but a few, however he still has one or two destinations on a to-do list which include the Seychelles, Argentina and Iceland.

He salmon fish's weekly for the silver tourist on the River Wye, and still finds time to trout fish on the reservoirs, lakes and rivers.

He has recently hosted trips to the Northern Kola in Russia and has managed to fish an impressive 10 rivers in total.

He has received in-depth training from Simms Europe on Gortex products and wader repair and has had the privilege to spend some time with design guru Mark Farris from Waterworks-Lamson. He attended a training seminar in Norway courtesy of Guideline, using and understanding their products on the River Gaula with members of the Power Team, which included casting lessons from Jan Eric Granbo.

He is currently working on his GAIC Double Handed Salmon instructor’s award.

He can be contacted at Sportfish Winforton on 01544 322 307 or by email at [email protected] .uk