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New Spring Catalogue

Seaguar Ace Hard Fluorocarbon Tippet

Product Code: 25265

Product Description

Maximum abrasion resistance for salmon and saltwater fishing. Makes impressively invisible leaders for Salmon & big game.

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  • This hard version has been specially formulated for knot strength and abrasion resistance.
  • Makes impressively invisible leaders for Salmon & big game.
  • Seaguar Ace is now a favourite cast material for salmon anglers fishing the Kola Peninsular in Russia and Sea Trout in Patagonia.
  • Seaguar fluorcarbon has a unique multi-directional polymer structure, giving renforced strength on the knot.
  • Seaguar also offers invisibility, high strength to diameter ratio and UV resistance.

*Danny North, Sportfish Winforton says "My first choice fluorocarbon for both Salmon & Saltwater. Very reliable with great knot strength. A must for the serious angler."

Length Breaking Strain Weight g/oz/lbs Diameter mm / in Price
50m/54.7yds 8.8lb 4000g/8.8lb 0.2mm/0.008in 13.99
50m/54.7yds 6.6lb 3000g/6.6lb 0.18mm/0.007in 13.99
50m/54.7yds 5.5lb 2500g/5.5lb 0.16mm/0.006in 13.99
50m/54.7yds 44lb 20000g/44lb 0.52mm/0.02in 22.99
50m/54.7yds 30lb 13400g/30lb 0.44mm/0.017in 17.99
50m/54.7yds 25.5lb 11600g/25.5lb 0.41mm/0.016in 15.99
50m/54.7yds 23lb 10700g/23lb 0.37mm/0.015in 14.49
50m/54.7yds 19lb 8700g/19lb 0.33mm/0.013in 14.49
50m/54.7yds 15.4lb 7000g/15.4lb 0.28mm/0.011in 13.99
50m/54.7yds 13.6lb 6200g/13.6lb 0.26mm/0.010in 13.99
50m/54.7yds 11.6lb 5300g/11.6lb 0.24mm/0.009in 13.99
50m/54.7yds 35lb 15600g/35lb 0.47mm/0.019in 20.49
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  • Great product Review by Graham
    I fish for blackfish (Luderick) in the estuaries of eastern Australia and that is very tough on leaders which regularly come into contact with rock walls and oyster shells. I have tried virtually all the popular hard fluorocarbons like FC Rock, V hard, L hard and others and have been using Sunline V hard for the last year or so as this performed better than the rest. However, I was still loosing more fish than I thought I should on the rocky ledges of walls and breakwaters. I like trying new products as I am always looking for improvements, no matter how small, so I got a spool of Seaguar Ace hard 8.8lb (0.008” dia.). This leader has improved things dramatically, I am loosing less fish and the line is showing less signs of scuffing so I don’t need to re-tie hooks so often. I would highly recommend trying this leader, I wouldn’t ship it 12,000 miles, pay international shipping rates and wait 2 weeks for it to arrive if it wasn’t the best out there! (Posted on 21/02/2021)
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