Seaguar Soft Plus Fluorocarbon Tippet

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This fluorocarbon is 10% stronger than Grand Max and is also softer in which making it suitable for both trout fishing and specimen coarse fishing and has been proved to be 100% reliable.

Sizes Available: 50m and 100m 

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  • This material has been used also as a reel line and is soft enough for this purpose.
  • Knot strength is reliable and stretch is controlled.
  • Their refractive index is nearly the same as water making it nearly invisible in water.
  • The breaking strains compared to diameter is exceptionally strong.
  • Knot well.
  • Have a high resistance to fatigue.
  • Available in 50m & 100m spools

*Total Flyfisher Tackle Awards Winner 2011 - Best Leader Material

Length Breaking Strain Weight g/oz/lbs Diameter mm / in Price
50m/54.7yds 6.6lb 5X 6.6lb 0.17mm/0.007in 14.99
100m/109.4yds 6.6lb 5X 6.6lb 0.17mm/0.007in 24.99
50m/54.7yds 15.9lb 1X 15.9lb 0.26mm/0.01in 14.99
100m/109.4yds 15.9lb 1X 15.9lb 0.26mm/0.01in 24.99
50m/54.7yds 13.7lb 2X 13.7lb 0.24mm/0.009in 14.99
100m/109.4yds 13.7lb 2X 13.7lb 0.24mm/0.009in 24.99
50m/54.7yds 10.4lb 3X 10.4lb 0.22mm/0.009in 14.99
100m/109.4yds 10.4lb 3X 10.4lb 0.22mm/0.009in 24.99
50m/54.7yds 8.2lb 4X 8.2lb 0.19mm/0.007in 14.99
100m/109.4yds 8.2lb 4X 8.2lb 0.19mm/0.007in 24.99
50m/54.7yds 18.1lb 0X 18.1lb 0.28mm/0.011in 16.49
50m/54.7yds 24.2lb 02X 24.2lb 0.37mm/0.014in 17.99
100m/109.4yds 18.1lb 0X 18.1lb 0.28mm/0.011in 27.49
100m/109.4yds 19.8lb 01X 19.8lb 0.33mm/0.013in 29.99
100m/109.4yds 24.2lb 02X 24.2lb 0.37mm/0.015in 29.99
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  • The best but at a price! Review by itchy
    This is arguably the best fluoro line you can get. The lowest diameter for the highest breaking strain. I use the 10.4lb on big fish venues which generaly works well. One point choose your knots carefully and test them. (Posted on 18/03/2012)
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