Fulling Mill Masterclass Fluorocarbon

Product Code: 18A0068

Product Description

Fulling Mill Masterclass Fluorocarbon brings a technical revolution into your tackle bag with a new super-strong and super-thin pure fluorocarbon. Supple and easy to knot with great knot strength it is suitable for all fishing disciplines including trout, salmon and saltwater. 

Sizes Available: 40m & 50m

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  • Unique pure form premium fluorocarbon
  • Technical revolution in design and performance
  • 21st century German precision engineering combined with premium grade Japanese raw materials
  • Market leading density rating coupled with lowest refractory index
  • Superb diameter vs. linear strength ratio, highly abrasion resistant
  • Suitable for all flyfishing disciplines including trout, salmon and saltwater
  • Supplied on a convenient, simple, large arbor spool. 
Length Breaking Strain Weight g/oz/lbs Diameter mm / in Price
50m 13.1lb 0X 13.1lb 0.27mm 16.95
50m 4.2lb 5.5X 4.2lb 0.14mm 14.95
50m 5lb 5X 5.0lb 0.16mm 14.95
50m 6.5lb 4X 6.5lb 0.18mm 14.95
50m 7.1lb 3X 7.1lb 0.20mm 14.95
50m 10.7lb 2X 10.7lb 0.23mm 14.95
50m 12.2lb 1X 12.2lb 0.26mm 16.95
50m 15.3lb 01X 15.3lb 0.30mm 16.95
50m 17.5lb 02X 17.5lb 0.32mm 16.95
40m 20.9lb 03X 20.9lb 0.36mm 16.95
40m 23.2lb 04X 23.2lb 0.38mm 16.95
50m 3.7lb 6X 3.7lb 0.12mm 14.95
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