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How To Use A Surafce ControllerSurface fishing is a devastating way of catching big fish when they’re having it off the top. However, setting your surface controller up correctly is vital to success.





Step 1 – Pass your mainline through the eye at the top of the controller. 

Surface Controllers - Pass your mainline through

 Step 2 – Slide on a small rubber bead to act as a buffer.

Surface Controllers - rubber bead acts as a buffer.

   Step 3 – Tie the bead into a small loop in the end of the mainline.

How To Use Surface Controllers picture 4

Step 4 – Attach the hooklength in a loop to loop fashion.

Surface Controllers – Attach the hooklength in a loop to loop fashion.

Step 5 – Greasing the hooklength will keep the line on the surface.

Surface Controllers - Greasing the hooklength

Step 6 – Hair rig an 11mm XL expander pellet and loose feed the same.

Surface Controllers - Hair rig an 11mm XL expander pellet