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Taking Care Of Your Waders & Boots

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Whether you use your waders once a year or once a week they need to be cleaned, dried and stored correctly. The main area to focus on is the inside of the wader. Even though your waders are breathable and moisture is allowed to escape, condensation may appear on the inside and although much of this moisture will escape, there will be some moisture buildup which in turn will collect dust, dirt and fabric from clothing, a perfect breeding ground for mould/mildew and this is where the problems begin if you do not care for your waders.

Mould only needs three things to grow.  A food source (dirt) A source of moisture (condensation) and a place to grow (your waders) Once the microscopic spores take hold and begin to grow they will break down the breathability of the fabric and cause damage to the membrane causing your waders to leak. Keep them clean and you'll never have this problem!

It is recommended that your waders are stored out of direct sunlight. Creasing whilst unsightly does not adversely affect the performance of waders and the best way of avoiding this is to hang the waders upside down in a Wader Rack Always store in a cool, dry place.  Make sure you hang your waders out to dry overnight after you have used them. This will lengthen their life, plus you won’t have to get back into an uncomfortable wet/damp pair the next morning.

After use in Saltwater, or brackish water, the waders should always be washed down with fresh water and felt soles should always be hosed off well with fresh water, after every fishing trip, to remove mud deposits. Without this, the soles will become hard, wear faster, be less effective and cause the soles to become rigid and peel off.

*To remove the dirt and grime from your waders use either Nikwax TX Direct Wash-In or Nikwax TX Direct Spray-On. The world’s no.1 high performance waterproofing for breathable waders that is easy, safe and quick to use. Fluorocarbon-free, solvent-free and no tumble drying required.

To keep waders & boots fresh & free of odours & mould, we recommend using  Wader Fresh & Boot Spray. The ready-to-use, non-toxic sprays should be sprayed inside any type of footwear, as a natural aroma refresher before wearing, or during storage. The totally natural properties of Chitosan inhibit the growth of bacteria responsible for unpleasant musty odours.

Wader Sole Choice
  • The Cleated Sole - is most suitable for general use on sand, mud, shingle etc.
  • The Combi-Sole incorporates a Felt-Sole & Deep Cleated Heel. This is unique and the heavy-duty heel digs in on wet grass or muddy banks, whilst the Felt-sole gives unsurpassed grip on rocks etc in the fastest of rivers. Trials have shown that there is no loss of grip in the river by not having a felt-heel, if unsure of your footing, you naturally transfer the weight to the balls of your feet - where you need and find the grip!
  • For additional grip our screw in Wader Studs can be added to the heels of Felt-Sole or Cleated sole waders.
  • Simms Guide To Repairing Pinholes In Your Waders

    Simms Guide To Repairing A Small Tear In Your Waders

    *All seam leaks and large tears in the waders should be returned back to the manufacturers.

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