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A Japanese Carp - By Shuto Tsuchimoto
Place : Maeyama Reservoir, Japan

a japanese carp caught on the Maeyama Reservoir, Japan

On June 11th. 5:20am , I was awakened by the sound of my Fox TXR Bite Alarm exclaiming "Got a run! ". I had to run nearly 100m from my bed to the rod like Oympic athlete in spite of my age of 48. When I reached the rod, the line was pulled to far right side of pod and the line was running at steady speed.

Picking up the rod the fish suddenly changed its course and headed to the opposite side of the reservoir with incredible force. My Daiwa reel and mono 20lb line was smoothly working and giving a line that seemed like no way of stopping in a short time. The fish was then near opposite side of reservoir and the line was pulled to that direction no less than 100m!   Reminded me was a many stumps which were everywhere in left side of where I was fighting with the carp and she was changing its tactics by heading to that direction. Alarmed but resolved to take her without fail, I ran to left side while reeling the line not to alarm the carp but to turn the situation to my advantage. All looked well so far, however, suddeny I felt the line caught something in deep and I could not pull it then. Just walked to right side for about 15m and pulled the line tight. It would not move it seemed.

Carp Rods

So I walked to left side for about 15m and did the same thing. I felt it little loose compare with right side so I pulled the line there and suddenly released the line free by opening the bail of the reel. I did it twice. My effort bore a fruit. The carp got out from snag and again bagan to swim. Finally the carp got tired (it seemed) and I could reel her near my place. She was not a type of carp that give up hope easily, upon seeing my net, it ran like a bull twice or more, however, tiredness got her.
With a little help with my friend Sakon, I could net her in in the end.  I and Sakon exchanged a broad smile. I was little bit shaky with excitement.  Checking my watch, I found I was struggling with her more than 20min..  I held her in my hand and put her on the unhooking mat for weighing. My Daiwa scale indicated 14.6kg.

Carp on a unhooking mat

She got a scar underside of her belly so I gave her generous drops of Kryston Klin-ik 1 before setting her free.  I used single"Trigga Ice 15mm pop-up"(Nutrabait) with a fermented soybean soaked in Milk Toffee(Mainline) as snow-man.  Having taken some photos,.I decided to say goodbye.  Maybe we will meet again...

I do not know if carp anglers in UK think this carp is impressive or not.
You will be inclined to come to Japan to fish the carps that exceed more than double of what I caught this time as this reservoir as well as some lakes and reservoirs here boast real monsters that weighs more than 50kg and more than 130cm in length!   Although no one here could not net it in so far.

Why not come to Japan and share the joy of this wonderfuly sport with me!