Tiemco TMC2499 SPBL Dry Fly & Nymph Hooks

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Strong, fine wire hooks reowned for their extremely high quality finish.  Everything you will need in a hook.
Sizes Available : 10, 12, 14, 16 & 18

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Tiemco's advanced method have revolutionized the design and manufacture of fly hooks. Tiemco has become the world-wide leader by introducing new hook styles that let flies hook more life-like and by pioneering new manufacturing processes, such as chemical sharpening that improve hook performance.

Tiemco fly hooks are made with fly fishing in mind. And since a sharp, strong hook may be the single most important component in your fly fishing gear, we believe it makes perfect sense to choose the best hooks in the world. Think Tiemco!

This hook features a hollowed curve point with triangular edges for easy sharpening.  Slow tapered point lowers resistance of penetration resulting in accelerated hook sets and better holding, supported by the tiny swelling of the point. These points also help to keep flies on track by acting as a keel on larger hooks.

  • A strong general purpose, barbless fly hooks of immense hooking and holding ability.
  • Sizes Available : 10, 12, 14, 16 & 18
  • Colour : Bronze
  • Pack of 20 hooks
Size/Variant Colour Pack Size Price
Size 16 Bronze 20 6.79
Size 10 Bronze 20 6.79
Size 18 Bronze 20 6.79
Size 14 Bronze 20 6.79
Size 12 Bronze 20 6.79
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