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This film explores Captain Conway Bowman's passion for chasing one of California's biggest fish, the mako shark, with a fly rod. Mako's swim up to 50 miles per hour, leap 20 feet out of the water & they'll grab the right fly if it's put in front of them.

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There is simply nothing like having a mako sharp at the end of your fly line. Capable of reaching speeds of over 50 miles per hour, they can strip disheartening amounts of backing in the blink of an eye and leave anglers scratching their heads while they watch their adversary make 20 foot jumps to freedom.

Conway Bowman's passion for his local mako shark fishery is equally impressive. With 20 years experience targeting (and always releasing) this fearless apex predator. Conway is widely recognized as one of the most skilled anglers on the planet for this awesome species. Speed, Muscle and Teeth explores Conway's progression inot one of the most respected anglers in a generation. His humble motivation for targeting the mako, unyielding desire to protect the shark's safety at all costs, and daily devotion to strive to be the best angler he can possibly be, give the viewer a front row seat to some of the most amazing fisihng found in the world.

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