RIO Powerflex Copolymer Tippet

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Constructed of a high-tenacity copolymer with excellent knot strength, abrasion resistance, stretch and suppleness. Available in 30yd and 100yd spools.

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  • RIO Powerflex Tippet Spools are constructed of a high-tenacity copolymer with excellent knot strength, abrasion resistance, stretch and suppleness.
  • The light gray colour provides superb camouflage in any aquatic environment.
  • Great interlocking spools and a patented spool band to reduce tangling. Each band coded with diameter and breaking strain for fast changing.
  • Available in 30yd and 100yd spools.

TROUT FISHERMAN SAYS : An excellent low diameter for its tested breaking strain (it exceeded its stated rating). It also is one of the least stretchy copolymers which for some will be an added bonus as bite indication and sensitivity is greatly enhanced. Feels quite soft and supple and presents dries beautifully. It is clear, with a slightly shiny surface and is held in place with an elasticated dispensing tippet band.

Length Breaking Strain Weight g/oz/lbs Diameter mm / in Price
27.4m/30yds 8.2lb 3X 3700g/8.2lb 0.2mm/0.008in 4.99
91.4m/100yds 8.2lb 3X 3700g/8.2lb 0.2mm/0.008in 9.99
27.4m/30yds 6.4lb 4X 2900g/6.4lb 0.18mm/0.007in 4.99
91.4m/100yds 6.4lb 4X 2900g/6.4lb 0.18mm/0.007in 9.99
27.4m/30yds 5lb 5X 2800g/5lb 0.15mm/0.006in 4.99
91.4m/100yds 5lb 5X 2800g/5lb 0.15mm/0.006in 9.99
27.4m/30yds 3.4lb 6X 1500g/3.4lb 0.13mm/0.005in 4.99
91.4m/100yds 3.4lb 6X 1500g/3.4lb 0.13mm/0.005in 9.99
27.4m/30yds 2.4lb 7X 1100g/2.4lb 0.1mm/0.004in 4.99
27.4m/30yds 15lb 0X 6800g/15lb 0.28mm/0.011in 4.99
27.4m/30yds 13lb 1X 5900g/13lb 0.25mm/0.01in 4.99
27.4m/30yds 10lb 2X 4500g/10lb 0.23mm/0.009in 4.99
91.4m/100yds 10lb 2X 4500g/10lb 0.23mm/0.009in 9.99
27.4m/30yds 20lb 9700g/20lb 0.32mm/0.013in 4.99
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  • Great knots Review by Charles
    Great knot strength.
    If fed up being broken use this, also small diameter.
    If want dropper to stand out use a tippet ring and fluorocarbon for dropper. (Posted on 01/09/2020)
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