Fly Fishing Rods

Fly Fishing Rods

Our range offers everything from double-handed rods for salmon fishing to single-handed rods for trout and saltwater fishing. We stock rods for every budget and skill level from beginner to expert, along with the perfect fly fishing reels to match. There's also a range of "ready to go" rod, reel and line kits offering savings on a balanced outfit! We have all the best fly fishing rods on sale in the UK!

Fly Fishing RodsFly Fishing Rods
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A Bit About Fly Rods

Getting the right tool for the job is essential and with our huge range of fly rods, carefully chosen from all the top manufactures in the world, you’ll find something for every application. UK stillwater and reservoir fishers are truly spoiled for choice with our vast collection of 9-10ft 6-7wt rods to suit all budgets from entry level beginners to the serious competition angler. If you like to fly fish in running water, we’ve got you covered too! We carry everything from tiny, lightweight 6ft brook rods to classic chalk stream dry fly setups and also modern nymphing sticks for light line 'Euro' style fishing.

If salmon is your target quarry our range is just as expansive, comprising rods for the smallest spate systems right up to the most powerful rods designed for the largest rivers (and salmon!) at home and abroad.

It doesn't end there… We also stock a huge range of saltwater and predator fly rods to enable you to do battle with the strongest, most aggressive, and toothiest critters on the planet.