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2014 catch a salmon guide

Catching a salmon is one of the finest experiences you can have with a fly rod and your first salmon is an important landmark in your fishing career. We hope this 2014 guide, packed full of facts and handy tips, will give you enough information to whet your appetite to get out there and catch your very own salmon and at the same time stay safe, dry and comfortable on the river.

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Whether you use your waders once a year or once a week they need to be cleaned, dried and stored correctly. The main area to focus on is the inside of the wader. Even though your waders are breathable and moisture is allowed to escape, condensation may appear on the inside and although much of this moisture will escape, there will be some moisture buildup which in turn will collect dust, dirt and fabric from clothing, a perfect breeding ground for mould/mildew and this is where the problems begin if you do not care for your waders.

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Patagonia’s flagship waders certainly look the business but do they cut the mustard on the river bank? Allan Shephard finds out.

If I’m perfectly honest waders are not my favourite bit of kit, that said today’s lightweight breathable fabrics are a quantum leap on from the sweaty PVC waders and weighty neoprenes of yesteryear.  Sooner or later all waders will leak – you try your best to put this moment off for as long as possible but barbed wire, thorns and extended use will probably be their downfall. One option is to treat them as a disposable item and buy a cheap pair. The problem with this they are really never as comfortable and you loose out on clever design features and breathability of the fabric. Leaky waders can be repaired easily provided you don’t have a large tear – these are best left to the experts to deal with.

So it was with great interest that I put on these new Patagonia waders, the promise being that they would provide comfort and durability at an upper mid range price.