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What’s it like to be plunged headfirst into the world of fly fishing for a day?

Daniel Marsh found out…

The anglers view

Having experienced quite a bit of coarse fishing as a younger man in my local neck of the woods (the Cambridgeshire Fens) a fly rod was something that never really crossed my angling path. It always looked so alien; that strange thick line and antiquated looking reel – it wasn’t fishing as I knew it, or remembered it.

Whereas with coarse fishing, one always assumed that if you didn’t quite understand something (a new type of lure, a different rigging system) you could just give it a go and work it out for yourself. Fly fishing never seemed quite so easily blagged to me.

It was with this perspective that I approached Sportfish’s One Day Stillwater Fly Fishing Course: I had no idea. No idea why fly line was thicker at one end than the other; no idea why fish couldn’t see that huge line a mile away; no idea why you didn’t reel all that loose line in on that odd circular reel; and I certainly had no idea how it all fitted together.

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Jonathan Tomlinson field tests the innovative new Greys XF2 river rod.

I been lucky enough to give this rod a thorough workout in the last 3 weeks, firstly in Bosnia and then back here in the UK and have to say that I have nothing but praise for it. A very innovative design allows the user to remove a 6” section from the butt of the rod and insert it between the butt and second section of the rod allowing it to become a 10 footer. Not only is this at times a massive benefit but equally you are able to do it while fishing and not have to re thread the line through the rod rings. It also means that the rod tube will fit into a bag when travelling much easier that a true 10’ 4pce rod (I use the medium sized Simms Dry Creek Duffle Bag)

The rod is well finished and very light in the hand and makes a full day on the river anything but tiring.

J.T. poses with a gorgeous Bosnian Grayling