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Tenkara Fishing Guide

From a modest start Tenkara fly fishing is now growing in both awareness and popularity both in the UK and across Europe. Indeed, there are now an ever increasing band of enthusiasts for whom Tenkara is the only method of fly fishing that they practice. For most however, it will be in additional string to their bow to compliment the more common rod, reel and line set up.

Tenkara at the Show

12 months on and Tenkara is going from strength to strength. The number of fly fishers now using Tenkara tackle and methods is increasing month on month across Britain and the rest of Europe. We are no longer getting the accusations that it is a fad and won’t last – it is here to stay and will continue to grow as more people get to have a go at shows like the one at Sportfish Reading.

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Tenkara at the Show

Tenkara is a traditional way of fly fishing in Japan, normally using 11ft to 15ft rods but without a fly line or reel. The rods are telescopic & collapse to about 20 inches making them extremely portable.  A “leader” is attached directly to the rod tip and can be made up of straight through nylon or a furled leader, with a tippet.  Leaders are normally about the length of the rod.