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Simms Fishing Products was started in 1980 by John Simms, a well-known and respected fishing guide and outfitter in Jackson, WY. A creative guy and talented artist, John wanted to enhance the fishing experience by developing better waders and accessories. Simms was the second company in the world to introduce neoprene waders in the mid-eighties, which is when the company really started to take shape. At that time, Simms was purchased by a division of Life-Link International in Jackson, WY, and the brand continued to progress.
In 1993, K.C. Walsh, a passionate angler and entrepreneur, acquired Simms and relocated the business to Bozeman, MT. Walsh had grown up in a fly fishing family and developed a passion for angling at a young age, mostly fishing the Eastern Sierra of California. It was his life-long dream to live in Montana.

The same year that Walsh acquired the company, Simms introduced breathable waders in a pioneering effort with W.L. Gore & Associates (makers of GORE-TEX® fabric) that changed the face of fishing waders and opened up new possibilities for the sport.

Although Simms has grown and evolved over the years, their vision remains the same – to build the highest quality products to keep our customers dry, comfortable and protected from the elements in any condition.

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Jonathan Tomlinson field tests the innovative new Greys XF2 river rod.

I been lucky enough to give this rod a thorough workout in the last 3 weeks, firstly in Bosnia and then back here in the UK and have to say that I have nothing but praise for it. A very innovative design allows the user to remove a 6” section from the butt of the rod and insert it between the butt and second section of the rod allowing it to become a 10 footer. Not only is this at times a massive benefit but equally you are able to do it while fishing and not have to re thread the line through the rod rings. It also means that the rod tube will fit into a bag when travelling much easier that a true 10’ 4pce rod (I use the medium sized Simms Dry Creek Duffle Bag)

The rod is well finished and very light in the hand and makes a full day on the river anything but tiring.

J.T. poses with a gorgeous Bosnian Grayling

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Simms G3 Waders

The current Simms G3 is the latest update of what has been the biggest selling Gore-Tex wader ever made. The updated G3 wader has improved features which include the new innovation from Gore-Tex called Pro Shell. Pro shell improves the waders breathability and durability. The G3 wader has 5 layers of Gore-Tex laminate throughout the legs for increased puncture resistance. The patented front and back seams are also new features of the Simms G3 wader which offer improved comfort and added durability.

The flip out pocket of the Simms G3 wader allows you to carry 2 spools of tippet material, a pair of snips and a fly box while the front fleece lined hand warmer pocket will keep your hands snug in the cold weather. Simms produce the best shaped stocking feet of any wader on the market which certainly adds comfort to your days fishing. Other features of the Simms G3 waders are the stretchy neoprene gravel guards and a wader belt which must always be worn for added safety.

Overall Simms G3 waders are the best value waders on the market.

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