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JT Saltwater Top Tips

For many anglers the end of the salmon and trout season heralds the beginning of the foreign saltwater season. Some have been eagerly awaiting the colder months in readiness to jump on a plane and head to warmer climates. The prospect of wading cobalt blue tropical waters stalking the ghosts of the flats is a mouth watering thought, one that is now kinder on the wallet than ever before!

Shark Fishing Wales

For most people blue water fishing for big game fish conjures up images of leaping marlin in an exotic tropical setting. They will be very surprised to hear a taste of this fishing is available right here in the UK and now is the peak time. Thirty miles off the West Welsh coast there is a very special area of the St George’s Channel known as the Celtic deeps – it’s slightly closer to Ireland than Wales.

Dances With Tarpon

Cuba has been on my bucket list for a long time now; I constantly hear good things about this very unconventional Caribbean island’s superb saltwater fly fishing and have long been determined to get out there for a few casts. Stories of endless pristine flats populated by shoals of bonefish and permit abound, and of course huge shoals of tarpon. As you can imagine, I was really excited about this trip…!

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Nautilus FWX Fly Reels
Following on from the highly successful FW range of light line reels are the new Nautilus FWX range. The “Fresh Water Extreme” reel is based on Nautilus’s NV Giga Arbour design; the FWX has the same super large arbour spool configuration offering an extra fast retrieval rate.

With such a large arbour design your fly line will be kept in more open coils and will minimise the amount of memory passed on to your fly line. A heavily machined reel has reduced weight but without compromising strength making the Nautilus FWX one of the lightest reels in its class. The spool design allows the backing to appear floating on top of the reel allowing for your backing to dry much quicker than conventional reels. The new high tech drag system incorporates a new stainless steel 1-way clutch that is housed in a proprietary TORQ-X™ clutch drive that ensures instant drag engagement with no slack. As standard the reel comes in black or brushed silver but there are quite literally hundreds of custom options to make your reel stand out from the crowd. A superb fresh water and light saltwater reel at a fantastic price.

This reel is discontinued. Please view all current Nautilus reels here Click here to purchase Nautilus FWX Fly Reels »

Nautilus FWX Fly Reels







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Nautilus NV Fly Reels
Nautilus NV reels offer the very best in performance and value for money when chasing big fresh water species such as salmon, stalking the flats or tracking down blue water monsters.

Nautilus NV Fly Reels


The Nautilus NV range has the advantage of being interchangeable with the new Nautilus NV Giga Arbour spools, the result will give your NV reel super fast line retrieval, reduced memory and weight over the larger capacity standard Nautilus NV range.

Nautilus NV Fly Reels


Unique to the Nautilus NV reels are their fully enclosed CCF drag system which offers a super smooth, high torque braking that will stop any fish in its tracks. Made of carbon fibre and cork this drag system has a genuine zero maintenance workings. If you want to land that fish of a lifetime then look no further than this range of reels!







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