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When it comes to choosing a Salmon rod I am in an enviable position as I have access to the worlds finest fly rods, having said that, this makes the choice even more difficult!

I fish for the elusive silver tourist on the River Wye on a weekly basis. The Wye is not a big river, with the exception of a few beats, so I wanted a smaller rod but with the capability of casting a reasonably large tube fly if needed.

When choosing a rod my criteria are simple. I wanted something that I could cast with ease and with the minimum of effort. I am no casting instructor, or casting guru, I am a fisherman. Sounds simple, but I had been searching for a while!!

Until……. the day Lief Stavmo, Guideline’s rod designer, introduced the Guideline Reaction series.

The first time I picked up the Guideline Reaction 13ft 7in # 9/10 it was a wow! The balance was perfect and the rod was very light in the hand. You could feel how the best American and Japanese graphite cloths, together with the most advanced guides and reel seat components, achieve this balance and lightness.

The Reaction is put through it’s paces on the Tyne

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Speyworks SLP 13’ AFTM 8/9
The Speyworks SLP 13’ double–hand salmon rod is compatible with all speycasting styles, and also copes comfortably with overhead casting if preferred. Like all rods in the Speyworks range it is a 4 piece with top quality stripping, intermediate and tip rings. The cork handle is made of AAAA grade cork and of better quality than some of the far more expensive rods on the market. The rod is supplied in a triangular section cordura covered tube and a high quality partitioned rod sock.

On the riverbank it is a joy – light in the hand, easy to cast and ruthlessly efficient at playing even large salmon. I am always amazed by the way this rod can cover the water and compares favourably with longer rods in this respect.
This is without doubt the best 13’ salmon rod on the market and I would have no hesitation in choosing it over rods of more than twice the price.

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Guideline Reaction Salmon Rod 14’ 8” 10/11
I bought and used the Guideline Reaction 14’ 8” 10/11 wt salmon rod this May on the Spey in what was probably the windiest conditions I have ever salmon fished in. I have to say it performed magnificently.


The Guideline Reaction salmon rod has masses of power in the bottom section and is incredibly easy to use allowing the beginner to cast a good line and the advanced a great line!

The cosmetics and fittings on this great salmon rod are also outstanding with recoil guides and a powder coating finish to the rod it looks as good as it fishes.

The Guideline Reaction salmon rod is the best salmon rod I have ever used.

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