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Jonathan Tomlinson field tests the innovative new Greys XF2 river rod.

I been lucky enough to give this rod a thorough workout in the last 3 weeks, firstly in Bosnia and then back here in the UK and have to say that I have nothing but praise for it. A very innovative design allows the user to remove a 6” section from the butt of the rod and insert it between the butt and second section of the rod allowing it to become a 10 footer. Not only is this at times a massive benefit but equally you are able to do it while fishing and not have to re thread the line through the rod rings. It also means that the rod tube will fit into a bag when travelling much easier that a true 10’ 4pce rod (I use the medium sized Simms Dry Creek Duffle Bag)

The rod is well finished and very light in the hand and makes a full day on the river anything but tiring.

J.T. poses with a gorgeous Bosnian Grayling

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The Rio Aqualux Midge Tip is one of the most important and versatile fly lines in the reservoir anglers tackle bag.

Rio Aqualux Midge Tip Flyline

The beauty of the Rio Aqualux Midge Tip is that it has a 3ft clear AquaLux intermediate tip which sinks at the rate of 1.5 inches per second.  This allows perfect presentation of nymphs and buzzers in the top 12” of water.  The Rio Midge Tip is also a great line for fishing the washing line technique.

The Rio Aqualux Midge Tip is also particularly useful at keeping the flies in the feeding zone for longer in windy conditions.  All in all this is my ‘go to’ line for reservoir fishing.

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Rio Bonefish Fly Line
Rio’s Bonefish fly line is yet another fantastic offering from Simon Gawesworth and Rio team. A longer head than is found on most flats fly lines, the Rio Bonefish is more stable when carrying larger lengths of line and offers a greater level of presentation owing to its specialist tapers.

Rio Tropical Bonefish Fly Line

A 2 tone colouration means that even a novice caster can see where the weighted head and the level running line meet.  This has given the Rio Bonefish line an easily identified optimum loading point meaning you can spend less time concentrating on your casting and more time catching fish.

As with most of Rio’s current range; the Rio Bonefish comes with welded loops in both ends of the line making rigging a fast and easy job. A high floating subtle coloured line that will present a fly perfectly and fool even the cleverest of Bonefish makes Rio’s Bonefish a winner on the tropical flats.

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Rio Trout LT Fly Lines
The Rio Light Touch (LT) line was introduced in the uk last year and has become a firm favourite for fishermen wanting delicate presentation of dry flies, small nymphs and wet flies.

Rio Trout LT Fly Lines

The Rio Light Touch (LT) lines attributes are a long front taper for the gentlest of presentation and an extended body.

The Rio Light Touch (LT)line floats high and lifts incredibly quietly off the water. The extended body allows for easy roll casting, mending and single handed spay casting, which is ideal when you need to get your fly in those tricky spots.

Like a lot of new lines the weight forward version comes with a duel colour to visually assist with the correct loading of the rod and it also has Rio’s Agent X built into the coating to give improved buoyancy and smooth casting.

The Rio Light Touch (LT) line is also available in a single colour double tapered version.

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