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Beginnings and Blacksmithery

Yvon Chouinard, Patagonia’s founder, got his start as a climber in 1953 as a 14-year-old member of the Southern California Falconry Club, which trained hawks and falcons for hunting. After one of the adult leaders, Don Prentice, taught the boys how to rappel down the cliffs to the falcon aeries, Yvon and his friends became so fond of the sport they started hopping freight trains to the west end of the San Fernando Valley, to the sandstone cliffs of Stoney Point. There, eventually, they learned to climb up as well as rappel down the rock.

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Patagonia’s flagship waders certainly look the business but do they cut the mustard on the river bank ?      Allan Shephard finds out.

If I’m perfectly honest waders are not my favourite bit of kit, that said today’s lightweight breathable fabrics are a quantum leap on from the sweaty PVC waders and weighty neoprenes of yesteryear.  Sooner or later all waders will leak – you try your best to put this moment off for as long as possible but barbed wire, thorns and extended use will probably be their downfall. One option is to treat them as a disposable item and buy a cheap pair. The problem with this they are really never as comfortable and you loose out on clever design features and breathability of the fabric. Leaky waders can be repaired easily provided you don’t have a large tear – these are best left to the experts to deal with.

So it was with great interest that I put on these new Patagonia waders, the promise being that they would provide comfort and durability at an upper mid range price.

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Chris Ryan (Sportfish Group Buyer) attended the recent IFTD tackle show in Reno, USA recently to review the latest crop of new tackle that will hit the stores in 2013.

Bill Klyn (Patagonia) and Chris Ryan (Sportfish) with Patagonia’s four awards from this years show










Here is a list of this years category winners

AFFTA 2012 IFTD Best of Show Awards

Best Wading Gear – Men’s Rio Gallegos Zip-Front Waders – Patagonia

Best Eyewear – Costa 580P Sunrise Lenses – Costa

Best Chest Pack/Vest – Flask 2.0 – Rising

Best Outerwear – 3 in 1 River Salt Jacket – Patagonia

Best Youth Specific Product – Castarget – National Fishing in Schools Program

Best Women’s Specific Product – Women’s Kalama Jacket – Redington

Best Eco Friendly Product – R1 Full Zip Jacket – Patagonia

Best Fly Rod – Freshwater – The Circa Collection – Sage

Best Fly Rod – Saltwater – Boron III-SX 9’ 9 wt. – R.L. Winston

Best Reel – Freshwater – Ultralite CLS – Hardy

Best Reel – Saltwater – 8000 Pro Reel – Sage

Best Personal Watercraft – Clearwater Drifter – NRS

Best Fly Line – Freshwater – Scientific Anglers GPX Hover – Scientific Anglers/Ross

Best Fly Line – Saltwater – Bonefish QuickShooter – RIO Products

Best Fly Box/Storage System – MFC Waterproof Fly Case – Montana Fly Company

Best Fly Tying/Materials/Equipment – UV2 Dubbing – Spirit River

Best New Fly Pattern – Freshwater – Flymen Fishing Company

Best New Fly Pattern – Saltwater – Montana Fly Company

Best Accessory – Rod Clip – Smith Creek Ltd

Best General Apparel – Minimalist Wading Jacket – Patagonia

Best New Book – Seasons of the Steelhead – Angler’s Book Supply

Best New DVD – The T-Motion Collection – Catch Magazine

Best Gift Item – Tenkara Set – Tenkara USA.

Best Luggage – Westwater Rolling Carry On – Fishpond

Best of Show – The Circa Collection – Sage

Well done to Sage and Patagonia for scooping up 7 awards between them for some really great new products.

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Allan Shephard spends a day salmon fishing the Wye testing the new Patagonia Rock Grip Aluminium bar boots

Wading boot soles have always been a compromise. Felt soles are great on most kinds of rock but really poor for negotiating muddy banks – studs help but its still easy to slip. A further complication is that felt is being phased out as there are increasing concerns about bio-security. That’s moving diseases and parasites between rivers to you and I. Plastic/rubber soled boots get round this but the grip is poor compared with felt on some types of rock.

These boots are made for wading!

Solving this problem needed a little ‘out of the the box thinking’ and you couldn’t get further than screwing strips of metal to the soles. This sounds a little like a pair of ice skating boots doesn’t it?