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Hardy at the Show

We are pleased to give centre stage to the Hardy and Greys brands at this year’s Sportfish show held at our lakeside store in Theale, Reading. Hardy and Greys are arguably the best known manufacturers in game fishing and for the first time will also have rods from their popular coarse fishing ranges for you to try on their stand.

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Hardy at the Show

Hardy were established in 1872 & are one of the world’s most famous fishing brands. They have consistently been at the forefront of tackle innovation & design. Developing rod technology has always been a cornerstone of Hardy’s business, pioneering split cane rods in the 19th century, fibreglass and carbon fibre in the 2oth century, and for the 21st century, SINTRIX Silica Nano Matrix technology.

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History – Since 1872

All over the globe, there are people who love to fish and in the universal language of the sport, one name reigns supreme – that of Hardy.

For well over a century, Hardy has been renowned as the manufacturer of the finest game fishing tackle in the world – the name is synonymous with quality and excellence. Such reputations are not acquired easily, but it has never faltered throughout the Company’s long history.

Hardy history began in 1872, when William Hardy established himself as a gunsmith in his home town of Alnwick, Northumberland. A year later he was joined by his brother, John James, and the Hardy Brothers Partnership came into being. The high quality guns which they sold ranged from shotguns to pistols. However, despite their success, the Hardy brothers’ passion for fishing soon dictated a change in direction. Their favourite hobby became their profession, and the reputation of Hardy rods and reels was born.

To begin with, lancewood, hickory and greenheart rods were produced, but, by 1880, bamboo had been added to the range. The Company was the first manufacturer to invent a system for building rods in hexagonal form from bamboo. The Hardy Palakona bamboo rod won the Company’s first exhibition gold medal in 1881. Hardy products only stopped winning when gold medals were no longer presented at such exhibitions.

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Jonathan Tomlinson field tests the innovative new Greys XF2 river rod.

I been lucky enough to give this rod a thorough workout in the last 3 weeks, firstly in Bosnia and then back here in the UK and have to say that I have nothing but praise for it. A very innovative design allows the user to remove a 6” section from the butt of the rod and insert it between the butt and second section of the rod allowing it to become a 10 footer. Not only is this at times a massive benefit but equally you are able to do it while fishing and not have to re thread the line through the rod rings. It also means that the rod tube will fit into a bag when travelling much easier that a true 10’ 4pce rod (I use the medium sized Simms Dry Creek Duffle Bag)

The rod is well finished and very light in the hand and makes a full day on the river anything but tiring.

J.T. poses with a gorgeous Bosnian Grayling