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  • Avoid using insect repellent inside your hands. Use the back of the hands to spread repellent to the neck and face.
  • Never leave your flyreel exposed to strong, direct sunlight inside your car. The heat buildup from the sun coming through the windshield or rear window can literally cook the line.
  • A clean flyline will perform much better than a dirty one! Even when you are fishing in clean waters, small particles of dirt will get stuck to the line. When the tip of your flyline starts to sink, you have overlooked this important point of maintenance far too long. Clean with mild soap and a clean cloth, use lightly tempered water.
  • Line dressings make casting fun and help the line to glide through the guides and float better. Apply line dressing regularly but sparsely. Aways read the maunfacturer’s recommendations first.
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    When it comes to choosing a Salmon rod I am in an enviable position as I have access to the worlds finest fly rods, having said that, this makes the choice even more difficult!

    I fish for the elusive silver tourist on the River Wye on a weekly basis. The Wye is not a big river, with the exception of a few beats, so I wanted a smaller rod but with the capability of casting a reasonably large tube fly if needed.

    When choosing a rod my criteria are simple. I wanted something that I could cast with ease and with the minimum of effort. I am no casting instructor, or casting guru, I am a fisherman. Sounds simple, but I had been searching for a while!!

    Until……. the day Lief Stavmo, Guideline’s rod designer, introduced the Guideline Reaction series.

    The first time I picked up the Guideline Reaction 13ft 7in # 9/10 it was a wow! The balance was perfect and the rod was very light in the hand. You could feel how the best American and Japanese graphite cloths, together with the most advanced guides and reel seat components, achieve this balance and lightness.

    The Reaction is put through it’s paces on the Tyne

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    The Rio Aqualux Midge Tip is one of the most important and versatile fly lines in the reservoir anglers tackle bag.

    Rio Aqualux Midge Tip Flyline

    The beauty of the Rio Aqualux Midge Tip is that it has a 3ft clear AquaLux intermediate tip which sinks at the rate of 1.5 inches per second.  This allows perfect presentation of nymphs and buzzers in the top 12” of water.  The Rio Midge Tip is also a great line for fishing the washing line technique.

    The Rio Aqualux Midge Tip is also particularly useful at keeping the flies in the feeding zone for longer in windy conditions.  All in all this is my ‘go to’ line for reservoir fishing.

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