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You could argue that Thames Water’s Farmoor reservoir complex is not the most attractive fishery in southern England.   There are two reservoirs to choose from Farmoor 1 and Farmoor 2 .  Farmoor 1 is a catch and release fishery – a huge bag of fish is often possible on this fishery and the average size is good. I have never fished 1 from a boat and generally fish from the bank at medium range with buzzers. I decided to fish Farmoor 2 from a boat on this occasion – the weather forecast was for light winds and mild temperatures. I also needed a few fish for the table.  Hopefully, the fish would be up in the water and there would be a chance of some action on dries and buzzers. Both 1 and 2 are concrete bowls and although this sounds grim the reality is that the concrete surround has weathered into the landscape and the Farmoors are a good place to be in the right conditions. I have never been disappointed with the quality of the fishing.

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A recent visit to Delbury Hall Trout Fishery gave me the perfect opportunity to fish with my favourite small stillwater trout rod – the Sage One 9ft 6wt 4pce.

Danny casts to rising fish on a blustery Delbury Hall fishery

The trout were playing hard to get and with a fairly strong side wind blowing, I needed every bit of performance that this rod could give me. I shouldn’t have worried though as the rod is easily capable of casting the tightest of loops. I also love the sense of feel the rod gives both when casting and playing fish. It allowed me to deliver the fly accurately and delicately to exactly where I wanted it to go. During the day I used a  variety of fly patterns of various weights and sizes, the Sage cast all of them with ease.

To complete the outfit I chose a Rio Gold WF 6 floating flyline. In my opinion this is the ultimate rod/line combination for this kind of fishing and compliments the rods performance to perfection.

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The Rio Aqualux Midge Tip is one of the most important and versatile fly lines in the reservoir anglers tackle bag.

Rio Aqualux Midge Tip Flyline

The beauty of the Rio Aqualux Midge Tip is that it has a 3ft clear AquaLux intermediate tip which sinks at the rate of 1.5 inches per second.  This allows perfect presentation of nymphs and buzzers in the top 12” of water.  The Rio Midge Tip is also a great line for fishing the washing line technique.

The Rio Aqualux Midge Tip is also particularly useful at keeping the flies in the feeding zone for longer in windy conditions.  All in all this is my ‘go to’ line for reservoir fishing.

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