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2015 Top Tips for Sea Trout

One of the most intriguing of all of our game fish species, the sea trout has been likened to both salmon and to brown trout – but it is different to both and very much a creature apart! What is for certain is that it is one of the most challenging of fish to catch but now, during the short, balmy summer nights, is THE prime time to head out and Sportfish expert Chris Hayward, from our Reading store, offers his top ten sea trout fishing tips and tackle choices to help you connect with a stunning silver sewin.

Tenkara Fishing Guide

From a modest start Tenkara fly fishing is now growing in both awareness and popularity both in the UK and across Europe. Indeed, there are now an ever increasing band of enthusiasts for whom Tenkara is the only method of fly fishing that they practice. For most however, it will be in additional string to their bow to compliment the more common rod, reel and line set up.

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Nymhphing Course

This season Sportfish has teamed up with nymphing guru and AAPGAI Master Instructor, Jim Williams, to offer an excellent one day insight into the often poorly understood world of nymph fishing. Fish spend a great deal of their time feeding sub-surface, so when the weather is poor and the fly life isn’t playing ball, why not tie a nymph on and carry on catching fish?

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What’s it like to be plunged headfirst into the world of fly fishing for a day?

Daniel Marsh found out…

The anglers view

Having experienced quite a bit of coarse fishing as a younger man in my local neck of the woods (the Cambridgeshire Fens) a fly rod was something that never really crossed my angling path. It always looked so alien; that strange thick line and antiquated looking reel – it wasn’t fishing as I knew it, or remembered it.

Whereas with coarse fishing, one always assumed that if you didn’t quite understand something (a new type of lure, a different rigging system) you could just give it a go and work it out for yourself. Fly fishing never seemed quite so easily blagged to me.

It was with this perspective that I approached Sportfish’s One Day Stillwater Fly Fishing Course: I had no idea. No idea why fly line was thicker at one end than the other; no idea why fish couldn’t see that huge line a mile away; no idea why you didn’t reel all that loose line in on that odd circular reel; and I certainly had no idea how it all fitted together.