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By Danny North

One of the most important pieces of kit that any carp angler purchases is their carp rods.

Choosing the right rod for the water they are fishing is so important. The rod must be capable of giving the casting distance required. Will it cast the weights needed? Will it cope with pva bags? All these questions must be asked by the angler before they make their final decision.

For smaller lakes, where the required casting distance would be up to 75 yards, I would recommend a 12ft rod with a test curve of 2.75 lb, this is a perfect all round rod. It will have a fairly through action and will be suitable  for floater fishing as we well as more conventional carp fishing.

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By Danny North

One of the most important items of your carp fishing equipment, is the line that you put onto your reel.

There are a vast selection of lines by many companies, such as Korda, Ultima, ESP and Kryston just to name a few !!

The choice of line, will really depend on the distance you wish to fish at and fishery rules etc, the most common breaking strain, will be either 12 or 15lb bs, this breaking strain is good for both fishing in snaggy or weedy conditions, as well as being suitable for casting great distances.

There is a choice to be made as to what material these lines are made from, the favourites being, copolymer or fluorocarbon, copolymer is a slightly softer material, and probably the best all round material for your main line, it has a superb knot strength and has plenty of abrasion resistance, and as it has very little memory and is the most suitable for distance casting.

Fluorocarbon is a slightly stiffer material, due to its inherent memory, but is fast sinking, which means, that when cast out lies on the lake bed when left limp from your rod tips, but is not as suitable for fishing at distance.

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By Danny North

The choice of carp fishing accessories has never been better, from bite alarms, to bed chairs and bivvies etc.

There are many innovative companies, designing excellent new products almost weekly, to help us put a few extra carp on the bank !!

Lets try and cover some of the more every day items such as pva, hooklink materials, lead clips, etc.

Korda have brought out probably the most comprehensive and easiest to use range of pva that is available, right from their pva tape up to the funnel web systems, it all makes, for us anglers being able to present free offerings, in a way that we have never been able to in the past.

The choice of hook link material is vast, from companies like, Nash, Kryston, Korda, etc, one of the biggest innovations is coated hook links, it has made presentation so easy for tying hinged rigs. They also have excellent anti –tangle properties, in that the coatings are stiff and will reduce tangles whilst casting, then there are stiff nylon or fluorocarbon hook links like, Korda IQ , Mouthtrap, etc. All of these products are designed in making the job far easier in tying up our Chod rigs or stiff hinged rigs.

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By Danny North

Carp fishing has grown in popularity over the last 20 years, so much so, that it is probably one of the most popular forms of fishing in the UK, probably down to the accessibility of the venues to fish for large carp.

The venues that are available are probably best broken down into three types.

  • Smaller commercial fisheries, where you can turn up and buy a day ticket. You can expect to catch carp to mid double figures in numbers. Popular tactics generally involve using heavy match type of equipment. These venues are perfect for honing your skills on heavily stocked waters.
  • Day ticket specialist carp waters eg. Linear Fisheries in Oxfordshire. These waters offer a choice of specialist carp lakes that you can fish on a day ticket or a 24hr ticket, depending on how long you want to fish for. You will have the chance to catch carp up to 40lb! There are also plenty of carp in the twenty to thirty pound class.
  • Syndicate water, available to members on a yearly basis. These waters offer more exclusive fishing and the chance of catching a greater number of large carp. Syndicate waters are generally more expensive to fish with some yearly subscription charges in excess of £2000 per year for the best fishing.