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Here’s something that’s inexpensive and fun to do at this time of year when it’s too hot for traditional fly fishing. The carp put up a very serious struggle on a fly rod so do not underestimate your quarry when you tackle up! If you’re geared up for stillwater trout you should have almost everything you need already. However, you will need to add an unhooking mat and possibly a larger landing net to keep your carp happy and healthy!

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This was my first chance to try out my new carp rods  – 12ft 3.5lb Nash NR-XD’s. A trip was planned to Linear Fisheries Manor Farm Lake, to try and catch one of the many 30lb carp that flourish in this great carp fishery.

Swim chosen, clear spots sorted, I dispatched 3kg of Nash Monster Squid to the area. It was now time to find out the casting capabilities of the new rods. I was fishing at about 90 yards range to a clear area within the weed so decided to cast pva bags and balanced bottom baits into the swim. Casting this heavy payload was effortless, the 50mm sic butt rings really did make a difference whilst fishing at range, and the rod felt very light in the hand. Tip recovery was very quick even when casting a 3oz lead.