Tackle Care

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Whether you use your waders once a year or once a week they need to be cleaned, dried and stored correctly. The main area to focus on is the inside of the wader. Even though your waders are breathable and moisture is allowed to escape, condensation may appear on the inside and although much of this moisture will escape, there will be some moisture buildup which in turn will collect dust, dirt and fabric from clothing, a perfect breeding ground for mould/mildew and this is where the problems begin if you do not care for your waders.

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  • Avoid dipping your reel in water as much as possible and certainly in saltwater.
  • Don’t knock the reel against rocks and other hard surfaces.  Small scratches will unleash bare metal and make the reel more exposed to corrosion.
  • Try to avoid dropping the reel in sand!  Sand grains are very hard and can scratch the inner housing, damage drag disks, ball bearings and the flyline.
  • Immediately after fishing (whenever possible), rinse the reel under the tap.  Remove the spool, shake off excess water and leave it to dry before reassembling.
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    Use Nikwax to stay dry, warm and comfortable in wet weather.  Nikwax cleans, re-proofs and maintains breathability of all outdoor clothing & footwear.

  • Treating your sports gear and footwear with Nikwax will make them repel water when it rains. You stay dry!
  • Your gear will remain lightweight because it won’t absorb water and become heavy. You can move freely!
  • Your gear remains breathable so moisture does not build up on the inside of the jacket making you feel clammy and cold. You enjoy your sports more!
  • Improve your performance and your sports. Use Nikwax to waterproof and maintain all sports gear so you stay dry, warm and comfortable in wet weather.
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  • Avoid using insect repellent inside your hands. Use the back of the hands to spread repellent to the neck and face.
  • Never leave your flyreel exposed to strong, direct sunlight inside your car. The heat buildup from the sun coming through the windshield or rear window can literally cook the line.
  • A clean flyline will perform much better than a dirty one! Even when you are fishing in clean waters, small particles of dirt will get stuck to the line. When the tip of your flyline starts to sink, you have overlooked this important point of maintenance far too long. Clean with mild soap and a clean cloth, use lightly tempered water.
  • Line dressings make casting fun and help the line to glide through the guides and float better. Apply line dressing regularly but sparsely. Aways read the maunfacturer’s recommendations first.