Tackle Care

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2017 Tackle MOT

With the spring fishing season about to lift off it’s time to get your tackle checked over to make sure it’s in perfect shape! With this in mind – we’re offering our tackle MOT service this March at out retail stores. PLUS we’re also offering a fantastic offer at our Reading based Game Fishing Centre… read on to find out more.

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Whether you use your waders once a year or once a week they need to be cleaned, dried and stored correctly. The main area to focus on is the inside of the wader. Even though your waders are breathable and moisture is allowed to escape, condensation may appear on the inside and although much of this moisture will escape, there will be some moisture buildup which in turn will collect dust, dirt and fabric from clothing, a perfect breeding ground for mould/mildew and this is where the problems begin if you do not care for your waders.

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  • Avoid dipping your reel in water as much as possible and certainly in saltwater.
  • Don’t knock the reel against rocks and other hard surfaces.  Small scratches will unleash bare metal and make the reel more exposed to corrosion.
  • Try to avoid dropping the reel in sand!  Sand grains are very hard and can scratch the inner housing, damage drag disks, ball bearings and the flyline.
  • Immediately after fishing (whenever possible), rinse the reel under the tap.  Remove the spool, shake off excess water and leave it to dry before reassembling.