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Orvis Hydros Reel
Orvis Hydros large arbour reels are an upgrade on the previous Battenkill range. Available in 6 models the Hydros reel can be matched with any rod for trout, salmon or saltwater fly fishing. The maintenance free sealed carbon drag coupled with 9 roller bearings ensures smooth performance in any conditions.


The reel and spool are machined from bar stock aluminium and balance well with the new improved drag system. Orvis Hydros reels are available in titanium and black colour finishes to suit your preferences. Orvis Hydros reels are suitable for use in both fresh and salt water – although I would recommend any reel is thoroughly washed in freshwater after being used near to the sea. Overall this reel represents great value for money and offers outstanding performance.

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Lamson Litespeed Reels
The Lamson Litespeed fly reels give performance function and looks second to none. The sealed drag is bomb proof and will stop anything that swims in both salt and freshwater. They are light in weight and will balance your rod perfectly giving control when conditions get difficult.


The Lamson Litespeed fly reels are true large arbor reels allowing you to gain line quickly on a fast incoming fish and with zero inertia the super slick drag gives line only when needed.

Aesthetically the Lamson Litespeed Fly Reels are beautiful, easily changed from right to left hand wind and with heavily machined spools the weight is reduced to the max. I love them!

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Guideline Triple Density Shooting Heads
I’ve used Guideline Shooting Heads for a number of years now and these new triple density heads cast further, land softer and fish better than any other shooting head I have used.

The unique triple density sink rates mean the tip sinks lower in the water than the back of the head and so it cuts the water column from top to bottom allowing a longer swing in to the bank as some of the head is always in the current.

This allows the Guideline triple density shooting heads to swing the fly more aggressively and for longer than any other shooting head design.

In short the Guideline Triple Density Shooting Heads are a must have for any salmon fisher and I wouldn’t leave home without them!!

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Guideline Reaction Salmon Rod 14’ 8” 10/11
I bought and used the Guideline Reaction 14’ 8” 10/11 wt salmon rod this May on the Spey in what was probably the windiest conditions I have ever salmon fished in. I have to say it performed magnificently.


The Guideline Reaction salmon rod has masses of power in the bottom section and is incredibly easy to use allowing the beginner to cast a good line and the advanced a great line!

The cosmetics and fittings on this great salmon rod are also outstanding with recoil guides and a powder coating finish to the rod it looks as good as it fishes.

The Guideline Reaction salmon rod is the best salmon rod I have ever used.

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