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Allan Shephard spends a day salmon fishing the Wye testing the new Patagonia Rock Grip Aluminium bar boots

Wading boot soles have always been a compromise. Felt soles are great on most kinds of rock but really poor for negotiating muddy banks – studs help but its still easy to slip. A further complication is that felt is being phased out as there are increasing concerns about bio-security. That’s moving diseases and parasites between rivers to you and I. Plastic/rubber soled boots get round this but the grip is poor compared with felt on some types of rock.

These boots are made for wading!

Solving this problem needed a little ‘out of the the box thinking’ and you couldn’t get further than screwing strips of metal to the soles. This sounds a little like a pair of ice skating boots doesn’t it?

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Villa Maria Rio Grande -Tierra del Fuego

Hello Steve,

Just thought I’d drop you a line and let you know how things went…..

Best weeks fishing in my life!!!

24 fish in all from six days fishing; couple of resident browns and a Rainbow but also…

1x23lb; 2×22; 1×21; 2×20; 1×19; 3×18; 4×11; 2×10; 1×6 – all of which were better than my best (Sea Trout that is) and a 3lb fish that was so perfect you could see through its fins.

In true fisherman fashion, I also lost a few big fish but in a strange but pleasing way I hooked a fish that sprung the hook and then bounced back into its pectoral fin. After 15 mins or so I landed it and the guide would not let me touch the fish, photograph it or weigh it.

Should anyone ask you, the Lodge was superb and the Guides along with the entire Team were exceptional The weather is absolutely as predicted – windy beyond belief and when it rains it rains!!! The jacket did its trick admirably and I’m certainly glad you helped me with that and getting the right boots.

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Winforton Advisor Steve Hunt on a recent exploratory fishing trip to a newly opened local trout fishery www.jayfarm.co.uk

After a pleasant few hours catching quality rainbows supplied by Bibury Trout Hatchery, Steve hooked into a very large fish.  After a furious battle, the fish was finally landed ,Initially Steve thought it may have been a carp, as the lake in the past was mainly known for large carp and was featured on the ‘Great Rod Race’ series on Sky TV, but was identified as a Wild brown trout weighing over 11lbs!!!

Talking to the owners Richard and Becky later over a cup of tea Steve discovered that Hollywood Actor William Hurt used to fish the adjoining river Redlake which held wild brown trout and also grayling.

William had mentioned he may have released a couple of brown trout into the lake several years ago.
Could this be one of those trout?

Great little fishery, superb hospitality and a great story! a must visit.

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This is without doubt the most exciting new saltwater fly fishing destination around and even better it’s within easy reach of the UK! Travel times were less than all of the Caribbean destinations I have been to recently and this was the perfect introduction to Indian Ocean fly fishing. There must be a lot of saltwater fishers looking for something new and I am sure this is it.

Whist there were bonefish around in good numbers my team were much more interested in adding species to their personal hit lists and from this point of view we certainly scored. Between the group I think we had at least thirty species but towards the end it got hard to keep count! I loved the trevally fishing off the beach and was pleased to land some stunning gold spot trevally and a single blue fin trevally on the first day. All of these punched well about their weight and were perfect to target on an 8wt with a small baitfish pattern. The first one I caught took me well into the backing twice – not bad for a 3lb fish. I used the new Farlows Saltwater Series Rod for this and was really impressed with the 8 weights performance.