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Shark Fishing Wales

For most people blue water fishing for big game fish conjures up images of leaping marlin in an exotic tropical setting. They will be very surprised to hear a taste of this fishing is available right here in the UK and now is the peak time. Thirty miles off the West Welsh coast there is a very special area of the St George’s Channel known as the Celtic deeps – it’s slightly closer to Ireland than Wales.

Here’s something that’s inexpensive and fun to do at this time of year when it’s too hot for traditional fly fishing. The carp put up a very serious struggle on a fly rod so do not underestimate your quarry when you tackle up! If you’re geared up for stillwater trout you should have almost everything you need already. However, you will need to add an unhooking mat and possibly a larger landing net to keep your carp happy and healthy!

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Varzina Secrets

It began over two years ago during a conversation about fishing (as you do) with Steve Hunt at Sportfish Winforton whilst purchasing some tackle. Would I be interested in fishing on the Kola Peninsula in the future? The answer was “YES” and two years later it came to fruition. Ours would be a walking trip with no helicopter drops, in an early part of the River Varzina season in June.

Dances With Tarpon

Cuba has been on my bucket list for a long time now; I constantly hear good things about this very unconventional Caribbean island’s superb saltwater fly fishing and have long been determined to get out there for a few casts. Stories of endless pristine flats populated by shoals of bonefish and permit abound, and of course huge shoals of tarpon. As you can imagine, I was really excited about this trip…!

In our latest video guide, we take you through fishing on a chalkstream at prime mayfly time! Mayfly are the most beautiful of our aquatic insects – they also one of the tastiest food items for fish and birdlife at this time of year, a chance to fatten up on some big juicy insects! They hold a special place in the hearts of fly anglers and it’s no surprise to find our chalkstream beats fully booked by keen fly fishers during the all too short season.