Diaries & Reports

2014 BC Trip

British Columbia is an angler’s paradise, it has all the ingredients required to offer the perfect holiday for any fly-fisher. Stunningly beautiful rivers, five species of salmon and top of my list, the sublime steelhead plus other trout and char species. All this in a great country populated by friendly people with a tolerant attitude to fishers and a list of conservation measures that ensure fish stocks will remain high for years to come. Yes, it really is the promised land!

Preparing For The Flats

The idea of heading away on a trip of a lifetime for tropical saltwater fly fishing never looks more appealing than on a cold, damp and miserable day. Wading a shallow sand flat in stunning warm, clear water with the tropical sun beating down on your back is the stuff of many our day dreams and the reality will usually live up to expectations.

Kids Summer Fishing

Now we are right in the middle of the summer holiday season there has never been a better time to get the kids fishing. For once the fickle British summer is living up to expectations so fishing is a great excuse to spend some quality time in the great outdoors. There are lots of reasons why they will enjoy the experience but most important of all – it’s a lot of fun!