Snowbee at the 2017 Reading Show

Snowbee at the 2017 Reading Show

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Snowbee has been at every Reading Show from its inception and are back again this year with some exceptional kit and show-only special deals.

The line that will make you smile with every cast!

Snowbee write:

Now available in two unique sizes, this phenomenal fly line was first introduced as a single #2-#5wt and was so successful Snowbee could not keep pace with demand. So successful indeed that we had to look at ways to make it more quickly without compromising its quality. We did more than that, we have now produced it in two weight ranges #2-5wt for the ultimate finesse on a low or medium river plus a brand new #5-7wt for the stealth conscious stillwater angler. You have to see it to believe it and if you can get your hands on one, hang on to it! Snowbee have two real winners here, they are truly delightful to fish with –  and for the show only, you can purchase two for £90.

Snowbee will have over 30 of their best XS fly lines to use and experiment with at the show and anybody deciding upon the benefit of a perfectly balanced outfit for their own particular style will save 20% off all three items: fly rod, fly reel and fly line(s).

For example, select a top of the range Prestige fly rod, Spectre cassette fly reel with three spare spools and four matching XS fly lines, (XS floating, sink tip, intermediate and fast sink) and save £144.

Come and visit the Snowbee stand at the weekend for lots of quality new items such as fly boxes folding nets, travel vests, bags, new lines and a whole lot more.


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