VISION at the 2016 Reading Show – Modern, innovative and daring!

VISION at the 2016 Reading Show – Modern, innovative and daring!

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Vision at the Sportfish Show

Recognised for their innovation, modern and sometimes daring approach… be it freshwater or salt, VISION continues to influence and shape how and what anglers enjoy most about their fishing.

VISION UK Brand Manager – Jim Williams brings to the Reading Show a whole range of products for visitors to view and try throughout this great weekend. These will include some of VISION’s iconic favourites that have stood the test of time as well as a number of exciting new ranges introduced for the 2016 season.

New for 2016 is the ‘TANE’: a range of eight superbly designed and crafted rods for river, lake and reservoir anglers. Ranging from an 8.0 #3 through to a 10.0 #7 these medium fast action 4 piece rods have been well received and are already on their way to becoming a firm favourite in the UK.

Vision Tane

Some other outstanding introductions are within the already impressive range of our waders & boots. We’ve added a new ‘HOPPER’ wader together with two GUMMI sole style boots:

‘SPRINTER GUMMI’ and ‘HOPPER GUMMI’, both with their own unique features that will go some way to putting the joy back into your wading.

Vision Waders

We are proud to introduce the ‘VENE’ and ‘KUST’ as part of our clothing range, to fend off the worst that mother nature can throw at us when out on a good days fishing.

The ‘VENE’ (Finnish for Boat) will become instantly recognisable in both colour and design – Only VISION dares to be this bold. Come see and feel it …we dare you!

Vision KUST

Jim is looking forward to seeing and helping you enjoy what VISION has to offer over this great weekend


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