Gigafish Lines at the 2016 Reading Show – Catching On Everywhere…

Gigafish Lines at the 2016 Reading Show – Catching On Everywhere…

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Winter Trout

Once again Gigafish is at the Sportfish Reading Show, where last year nearly 250 anglers bought their amazingly thin lines – come along this year and find out why!

Gigafish UltraUltra line

Gigafish Ultra line is not a fluorocarbon, it’s a co-polymer nylon, but it is even thinner than fluorocarbon. It has neutral buoyancy, making it ideal for dry fly, sub surface and nymph fishing and Trout Fisherman magazine has hailed it ‘The ideal leader’.

Ultra is available in 100m spools in all breaking strains from 2.8 to 47lb, and larger 1000m spools for coarse fishermen and sea anglers.

Made in Germany, selling for less than half the price of fluorocarbon, what’s not to like?



Gigafish Power LinePowerline is an extraordinary braid, once again the thinnest in its class. It makes sense to have a lot of backing when pursuing the fish of your dreams, and with Powerline you can fit more line onto your reel.

Available in 150 and 300 metre spools, with longer spools on request, for spinning, backing or chasing monsters you can’t go wrong!  Available in breaking strains from 19lb to 140lb.

Come and see us and find out just why this line is catching on around Europe!





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