Tenkara at the 2016 Reading Show – Fly Fishing Made Simple!

Tenkara at the 2016 Reading Show – Fly Fishing Made Simple!

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Tenkara Fly fishing made simple!

It’s one of the fastest growing – and most effective – fly fishing techniques there is and you can learn the tackle and techniques you need with an expert at the Sportfish Reading Show…

Visit the Sportfish Reading Show to meet one of the many endorsed UK Tenkara guides who will go through the motions of Tenkara fly fishing and the product range with you and help you to learn the basic kit setup and teach you the technique of casting a Tenkara rod.

Fishing Tenkara style
Fishing Tenkara style

This year Tenkara Centre UK will launch three new fly fishing rods (Honryu, Hakusan and Otaki) to add to their continually growing range of quality Tenkara telescopic rods and you can try them all at the 2016 Sportfish Reading Show.

Tenkara Demo
Demonstrating Tenkara at the 2015 Sportfish Reading Show

More and more experienced fly anglers are adding a Tenkara rod to their arsenal of fly fishing equipment because of the simplicity, and the sheer speed with which you can get on to the fish. You can be fishing within seconds of spotting a fish and pack away the kit before moving to a new fishing spot. What’s more, there are no issues with tangled fly lines, snagged rods or inaccessible fishing holes to worry about!

Tenkara Rods
A selection of our Tenkara rods, see the range at the Sportfish Reading Show

The kit is ideal for packing into a small rucksack or suitcase and will take up little room in a car for those fishing excursions during business trips, or quick sessions on family holidays or days out!  For as little as £150 you can buy all the kit you need at the show and leave with all of the technical knowledge you need to catch an elusive wild river trout or grayling.

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